Is TNA Wrestling Finally Making Major Changes?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 3, 2011

***************SPOILER ALERT*****************

When it comes to TNA Wrestling, there are always questions with few or even no answers!

TNA Wrestling has had a short life span of about 10 years, but is still trying to find a foothold to help them grow as a great company.

We have seen many faces come and go in lending a helping hand to building the structure for the struggling company.

TNA built a great foundation with the growth of the X-Division, but now that has been placed on the back burner as the Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan regime have a different mindset on what to do to succeed.

Some fans where excited and interested about what Hogan and Bischoff could do to help the company, while others were willing to pass on that option.

Since they have taken control, we have seen even more questions arise…for example:

Who are “They”?

Who is coming to get “They” and why are “They” coming?

Another question that has arisen is who is behind the “Network?”

If you watch TNA Wrestling Impact, you will notice that Hogan, Bischoff and even Sting refer to the “Network” a lot!

Hogan & Bischoff have seized control/power of TNA Wrestling over the President of the company Dixie Carter. But as you have seen on Impact (if you watch), most if not all of their rulings have been overturned by the “Network”.

Hogan & Bischoff know it’s someone with a wrestling background, as they feel Spike (the actual network) is not too wrestling-savvy.

But maybe it is about time for answers to be revealed:

It was reported on

"Mick Foley came out in a segment at tonight's TNA Impact taping (that will air next week) and revealed he is the "network" person that has been keeping Hulk Hogan in check. Interrupting a promo by Immortal, Foley informed the faction that from now on, TNA Impact will be known as Impact Wrestling. Foley said the show will be all about wrestling.

TNA filed the trademark for the term "Impact Wrestling" a couple weeks ago

Now maybe this is one of those “Major Changes” we have been hearing about for so, and I mean so, long.

Well, if Mick Foley does stay true to what he said about TNA being all about “Wrestling,” then more power to TNA, or Impact Wrestling, or whatever they will be called now.

If it’s a name change that they needed to get these “Major Changes” and a stronger product going, then it’s about time.

If TNA can go back to the roots that they originated from, and be the anti-WWE, and be all about wrestling, that would be great!

It would be a nice, smooth change for them…Now as for Foley being behind the “Network,” that is not a big shocker at all but as long as we see actual change, who cares?

So here is to TNA Wrestling hopefully creating a better product, and to them making a great alternative to WWE.