Greg Jackson Says "Injury Played a Significant Role" to Georges St-Pierre

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

Following his sixth successful title defense at UFC 129, Georges St-Pierre received some criticism over his lackluster performance against Jake Shields.

For a majority of the fight, St-Pierre dominated on the feet but he refused to take the fight to the canvas. Following the second round, it was clearly audible in the champion's corner when he complained that he could not see out of his left eye. 

His trainer, Greg Jackson, acknowledged the injury and he said it did play a part in the champion's underwhelming performance. 

"Well, Georges eye was pretty badly injured, he told me that in between rounds, and Georges is a very timing-based fighter so when one of you eyes is injured, your depth perception gets off pretty significantly," Jackson told

"I really feel the injury played a significant role."

Despite the injury, St-Pierre was still able to generate some attack further into the fight. At one point, St-Pierre was able to land a head kick that hurt and dropped his opponent.

Although he suffered his first loss in 16 fights, Jackson praised Shields for his performance.

"I thought Jake Shields was much-improved. He's got a great camp that he comes from, he's got a lot of great teammates so I thought he was very, very improved, I thought he put together some great combinations, and he fought very well," Jackson said. 

While the recent talk of seeing St-Pierre move up in weight is what most fans hope to see, it doesn't seem it will come to fruition anytime soon.

St-Pierre hesitated at the possibility in the post-fight interview, admitting he would need time to discuss with his trainers what his next move will be.

In the meantime, fans might be likely to see Strikeforce welterweight champion, Nick Diaz cross over and challenge St-Pierre in what would likely be the champion's last legitimate opponent at 170 lbs. 

And with reports suggesting St-Pierre did not suffer any serious damage to his eye, the bout between him and Diaz could be finalized sooner than later.