Nik Sanborn's NFL Picks: Week 7

Nik SanbornContributor IOctober 14, 2008

First, I'll talk a bit about last week.  Cards over Cowboys? Nailed it. Rams win-less season? Busted. Still, I finished the week at 9-5, despite a flourish of upsets, which rounds out to 64.2% correct, which is a solid first week percentage.

This week has a bunch of tough matchups of evenly matched teams which should make for another week of good football. Expect the Chargers/Bills, Saints/Panthers, and Ravens/Dolphins games to be very evenly matched. And with that, let's begin:


Chargers 20, Bills 17: Norv Turner could be the worst coach in the NFL, but even he can't stop his talented team from winning games. The Bills are legit, but the Chargers are still pumped from their Monday night blowout.

Saints 24, Panthers 21: Tampa Bay exposed the Panthers Sunday, while the Saints are still high off of their blowout over the Raiders. Expect it to be close, but with Colston back, the Saints offense is plain scary.

Bears 31, Vikings 10:The Vikings preseason hype proved to be just that. I mean, they almost lost to the Lions in a game where it seemed Dan Orlovsky was trying to lose.

Steelers 35, Bengals 14: This should be an ugly game. With Carson Palmer possibly done for the season, the Bengals will be bad all season long.

Titans 24, Chiefs 10: The Predator will run all over the Chiefs defense while Kansas City is picking their starting quarterback. (Read my article about Chris Johnson to find out who The Predator is!)

Ravens 17, Dolphins 14: Expect this game to be a lot closer than it was thought to be three weeks ago. Something in me wants to say Miami is winning, yet another part of me knows that the 'Fins aren't the Colts.

Giants 31, 49ers 20:The Giants are good enough to bounce back from their embarrassing loss last week, while the Niners are simply not a good team.

Rams 24, Cowboys 21:I go from predicting a win-less season for the Rams one week to predicting a win over Dallas the next. That's how much of a difference new coach Jim Haslett seemed to make last week. That and Tony Romo will miss the next month, which may be enough time for a Terrell Owens Breakdown. This Cowboys team is going nowhere, fast.

Texans 38, Lions 21: Two of the worst defenses in the NFL go head-to-head. But with Jon Kitna on the IR and Roy Williams in Dallas, the Lions will find themselves coming up short on firepower when trying to match Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

Colts 35, Packers 24: As a Packers fan, this really hurts me, but barring some kind of miracle, the injury depleted Packers defense has no business stopping Peyton Manning and friends from playing catch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Jets 27, Raiders 6: Al Davis has destroyed any chance that this team may have at ever being good again.

Redskins 28, Browns 24:I wouldn't have been so generous for the Browns had this match-up been last week, but both teams changed directions in surprising games this weekend.  I think Braylon Edwards read my joke. I bet that's what it was. Anyways, the Redskins are still the better team.

Bucs 30, Seahawks 14:Hasselbeck is out again, but now Saneca Wallace is starting. However, the Bucs have a better defense at the moment than do the Packers, and Jeff Garcia is still upset at being benched in Brian Griese's favor.

Broncos 35, Patriots 20:The Patriots still have Deltha O'Neil, and are still starting Matt Cassell. It's going to be a long season, Pats fans.