Pinky Romo and The CONboys

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IOctober 14, 2008

So you’re telling me the Washington Redskins go into Dallas and Philadelphia in consecutive weeks and come away with road wins against the Cowboys and Eagles, but lose at home to the winless already-fired-their-coach St. Louis Rams?

Oh wait, the Miami Dolphins, who went into New England humiliated the Patriots and shut down the Chargers, lose to the still-expansion-team Houston Texans. Next thing you’ll say is that O.J. Simpson gets convicted of kidnapping and not murder. 

Oh wait, all that just DID happen.

Speaking of O.J.’s latest trouble with the law, it might explain Pacman, oh excuse me, Adam Jones’ rocky week in which he once again had his own brush with five-o.  Perhaps Jones was so used to being the athlete who shows up in court and gets arrested that Simpson stole his thunder. 

Also motivating Pacman, again excuse me, Adam Jones, is the news of former running back Lawrence Phillips being sentenced to ten years in jail.  Adam, I knew I’d get it right, must have felt the peer pressure with these retired players not only getting into trouble, but actually getting convicted.  Because of their recent legal trouble, maybe Jerry Jones should think about bringing in both O.J. and Phillips for tryouts.

Jerry Jones gave a very moving post-game interview.  And very moving meaning his jaw would not stop chewing gum, tobacco, taffy, or whatever.  He might want to switch to something stronger than tobacco with the news that his franchise quarterback Tony Romo is out with an injury. 

Is it the leg problem Tom Brady had?  Is it the broken nose Carson Palmer has?  No, the quarterback of America’s Team is out with a bruised…pinkie.  His pinkie!  He’s going to actually miss playing time because of his pinkie.  Where’s the toughness in this guy?  Perhaps he’s setting up an alibi in the instance that he mishandles another hold on a placekick later in the season.