Randy Couture "Sees Something" in Lyoto Machida

Darren WongSenior Analyst IApril 30, 2011

Getting pursued by Randy Couture is part compliment, part insult.

It's a compliment because Couture isn't going to fight some nobody. Almost every fighter who Couture fights has some sort of thing that he can offer, be it name value, prestige, etc.

On the other hand, Couture has also been known to take fights because he thinks that he enjoys some stylistic advantage.

Couture's trademark victory is his win over Tim Sylvia. Couture came out of retirement for that fight because he thought that he matched up very well with Sylvia.

So while Machida has stated in public that it's an honor to fight Couture, one can't help but think that Machida might sense that Couture "sees something" that he can exploit in Machida's game.

Randy Couture doesn't need the money. He's not here just fighting for a paycheck, and prestige itself isn't enough to keep him going.  During the open workouts Couture said he was once offered a fight with Jon Jones but turned it down. Even now that Jones is champion, Couture isn't too excited about the idea of fighting Jones.

So for much as Couture has chased big fights, he's also a strategic opportunist.

But what does Couture see in Machida?

Shogun first found success against Machida by effective used of an extreme high guard and leg kicks.  In the second fight he changed his strategy to use hand counters.

Couture isn't the kind of fighter who can use kicks, and his hands aren't nearly as fast as Shogun's.

If Couture is going to win, it seems more likely that he'll be able to do some of the things Quinton Jackson did. Most seem to think that Couture believes he can bully Machida in the clinch and control position.

Still, although Couture seems to see something in Machida, most people still seem to doubt his ability to win this fight.

If he wins, will it be a case where he's once again overcome the odds, or will it just be something that he saw that he could exploit in Lyoto Machida?

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