Declaration of War: Jeff Jarrett Blasts Brits at Royal Wedding

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 29, 2011

Now I'm not the kind of guy who constantly writes news articles but one won't hurt, right?

TNA Founder Jeff "The King of the Mountain" Jarrett recently took his campaign against "freeloading Brits" to a new level.

Jeff blasts William and Kate and even challenged the couple to a match against The Jarretts.

This was an interview and can be found online and in the UK Daily Star newspaper!

Jarrett said the following: “I’ve always said Britain is full of freeloaders, but these two are the biggest pair of spongers I’ve ever laid eyes on."

"In my great country, the United States of America, we don’t waste money on useless phony families, their ridiculous weddings and the divorces that always follow."

"If you want to see a real princess then take a look at my lovely wife Karen. She has it all: looks, class, poise and, most importantly, a JOB!"

“When Wills and Kate are on their free honeymoon, they should stop off in the beautiful city of Orlando and take us on in a tag team match to decide who the real Royal couple are.”

Well Jeff did more than blast them, he ripped them a new one! Way to go Double J! I'm taking Jarrett's side in this one, except for the freeloaders part. I thought this whole "Royal Wedding" crap was ridiculous! Citizens in the UK had to pay for their wedding!

I just want to hear what you guys have to say about this. What's your take on Jeff Jarrett?

Royal Couple vs. Royal Couple.