Some Eagles fans need to check themselves

Jeff Little@@JeffLittle32Senior Writer IOctober 13, 2008

The Eagles down 26-17, put on a fierce fourth quarter come back with 23 unanswered points to defeat the 49ers in San Francisco.

The Eagles looked like they could be a part of the NFL’s elite before struggling on offense and for some reason feeling the need to rely on the running game as opposed to passing game.

The Eagles also have failed to convert on third down which is always a killer. The injury to and loss of Brian Westbrook, who is a huge part of the Eagle offense has also slowed down the offense.

The above mentioned items cost them two losses this season when the team failed to score touchdowns in the red zone inside the ten yard line against the Redskins and the Bears.

The Eagles relied on QB Donovan McNabb and passed when in close and came away with touchdowns and the defense stood tall for the week six win that puts the team at .500 on the season.

RB Correll Buckhalter was a huge part of the game plan and he played Westbrook-like. His combination of rushing and receiving was huge and very necessary for this team.

Several Philly faithful made the trip to the west coast; but one has to wonder if any of the Eagle fans that traveled to the west coast have signed the online petition to remove Andy Reid as Head Coach? Check yourself Eagles fans.

The die-hard Philly fan was bent over the losses, pushed the panic button, overreacted, prematurely jumped to conclusions as if the Eagles season was on the verge of a potential nosedive. Someone came up with the idea of putting together an online petition to drum up support for the ouster of Andy Reid as the Head Coach.

As opposed to just calming down.

This ticking time bomb of overreaction was way off base. This group of fans has clearly forgotten that Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb have led this team to 76 victories, more victories together than Bill Walsh and Joe Montana, several playoff appearances and the NFC Championship game 2000 - 2003, a Super Bowl appearance in 2004 after team’s best record ever with 13 wins, a Divisional Playoff appearance in 2006.

He was named the coach of the year in 2002; the last Eagles coach to achieve that honor was Ray Rhodes in 1995. Prior to Reid’s arrival in 1999 the team missed the playoffs for four years.

Prior to 2000 season, the Eagles hadn’t seen a Division Championship since 1988 and Philly fan wants to get rid of this guy? I think what needs to go is this ridiculous petition to get rid of one of best coaches in the league and the Eagles best ever.

He is currently in his tenth season with the team and is coming off of a turbulent 2007 season both on and off the field. The Eagles have missed the playoff’s only three times under his watch. Despite last year’s troubles, Andy Reid remains one of the top coaches in the league.

The Eagles play in the tough NFC East division with three competitive teams and the defending Super Bowl champions; this team was a few plays away from beating the Cowboys and Redskins and has both on the schedule again.

Playing six games this season and winning three has them in good position to remain competitive and in position for a chance at a division title and playoff berth.

Consider this a memo to you pissed off Philly fan, relax, there is a lot of season left and the Eagles are far from out of it. You need to shake yourself Philly fan this act is way off base.

The Cowboys, like other teams, have shown deficiencies and have also lost QB Tony Romo for the next four or five weeks meaning he will miss games against the Rams, Buccaneers and road games against the division rivals Giants and Redskins and that anything is possible.  

The Eagles, like every other team in the league need the support of you the fans and not for you the fans to jump to conclusions, act as if the sky is falling and see a downward spiral way before one happens. This is disappointing, the madness needs to stop, check yourself Philly fan.

The team logo is a mean looking eagle head, ready for attack. When this new logo was devised the designer and team didn’t have a few pissed off Eagle fans in mind going after the Coaches head.

Here is a case of a solid coach, one of the leagues best, having some pissed off diehard fans wrongly attempt to drum up support to oust a coach. It's not going to happen and if it did it would be a huge mistake.