With Tony Romo Injured, How Will Cowboys Respond?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 13, 2008

The Cowboys are in trouble. With Tony Romo out for up to four weeks, every game becomes that much harder.

I've been studying the Cowboys on everything from film to team history. Here, is where the Cowboys are in trouble:


Brad Johnson Does Not Have a Power Arm

I have seen Johnson play for the Bucs and I can honestly say that he does not have the ability to throw the ball down the field. His style revolves around quick, short, accurate passes, running the ball, and giving the defense a rest. That is why he was so effective in Tampa Bay, because the defense there was very dominant and well rested.

Romo has this ability to stretch the defense with his throws and beat you with fast receivers like Owens, Crayton, and Austin. Expect the tight ends to now have a larger game here.


Cowboys Will Now Have to Focus on Running Game

The Cowboys have a very good running game, however, now that Felix Jones has a hamstring injury, they might have to rely on Tashard Choice, their third string backup.

Choice may be just as good as Jones, but I would still rather have Felix there. The Cowboys were a major threat because of their ability to beat you on running and passing attacks. If they become more of a one-dimensional team, they could be in very big trouble.


Cowboys Have the Giants in Three Weeks

Romo is projected to miss four weeks at the most. Now the Cowboys will have to face the defending Super Bowl Champions, who are currently undefeated unless they lose to Cleveland tonight. Dallas will have to find a way to beat the Giants with the run and not rely as much on the pass.

The Cowboys have a game for the next three weeks and a bye for the fourth, so the worst that can happen is they go 0-3 and their record goes to 4-5.

I don't think that will happen. I believe the Rams got lucky in their win vs. Washington, and the Cowboys can still beat them. They might even crush them.

The next game is against Tampa Bay—Brad Johnson's former team. They have a decent offense and a superb defense. To win, the Cowboys will need to give Johnson time to dissect the defense and throw good passes and run the ball well. The Boys' defense is capable of defeating Tampa's offense.

The third game will be against the Giants and I do not know what will happen there. After talking to my fellow writer and friend Craig Garrison, Sr., we came to the conclusion that this is a season for the ages. Anyone can rise to the top and take the gold.

I am not putting anything aside when it comes to this season. The Cowboys could upset the Giants, or the Giants could trample the Boys.

What is good is that with the bye week, the Cowboys can avoid a possible 4-6 season and give Romo more time to heal. I may be optimistic, but I have faith in Brad Johnson. He is a great leader and very smart. He may be old, but he is in good company with Kurt Warner and Brett Favre.


To all Cowboy fans, I will say that the season is far from over. Romo is not out for the season and while he rests, we can hope that he gets rid of all the kinks in his performances. He already is getting better; he didn't throw an interception against the Cardinals.