Bound For Glory: Hits and Misses

Eric ShepperdContributor IOctober 12, 2008

So I just got finished watching Bound For Glory IV A.K.A Bound For Glory 2008 A.K.A. TNA's Wrestlemania. I decided to order the PPV on the knowledge that Bound For Glory tends to deliver in big ways. I was sort of disappointed in the show until the Monsters Ball and the show seemed to just get better and better from there. Now lets take a look at the night with a "Hit and Miss" format that I will be trying out.

The Steel Asylum Match: No surprise that this match started off the show. Its a proven point that starting out a TNA PPV with an X- Division match is a great Idea. Some were expecting Suicide's debut in this match but we didn't get him.

We did get however a very good opening bout with some awesome spots. The Guns really shined in this match with their constant double teaming. Another guy who did very well was Johnny Devine. That pile driver on Rave was sick. Curry Man takes the huge fall and the two men actually in a feud get into it. Lethal takes the victory in this one earning himself what felt like an unannounced Title Shot.

Overall I would have to say this is a HIT.

Foley in Corenette's Office:  There were quite a few of these segments so I will just group them together. I love Foley so I was just loving these segments. I marked out for a mention of Yurpal(sp?) the Clown. Anyway these segments were definitely a HIT. P.S: I too would rather be in Velvet.

Bimbo Brawl: This was the only match on the card that I thought wasn't worthy of the PPV. No weapons were used in the match If I am not mistaken and I just wish Rhino had something better to do then this. Sadly this one was a MISS.

Consequences Creed Promo: Good promo by Creed here. It was a good Idea to mention his TNA debut last year at Bound For Glory. Putting the Patriotic factor in this match made in worthy of the PPV. Creed made me believe he could become champion. HIT.

X-Divison Championship Match: Very good match between the two men here. Nice to see the crowd really getting behind Creed. Some nice spots that I am too tired to recall at the moment. Im becoming a fan of Creed and was rooting for him to win.

I really thought Creed was going to get the win tonight but as long as we see him get the title down the road then I am fine with Bashir holding onto the title. Bashir vs Machismo will probably take place at Turning Point which is a match I would like to see. HIT.

TNA Knockouts Championship: These three women should tonight why TNA has the best women's division in wrestling. The cross body by Kong was pretty cool and that chop to the chest of Roxxi was brutal. I really wanted to see Kong hit that splash but it set up for a good finish.

Taylor Wilde hits Roxxi with her Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge and grabs another victory. It will be interesting to see where TNA takes the Knockouts Title from here. HIT.

Monsters Ball Match: This match was just freakin brutal. LAX showed off there team work once again tonight putting in a great performance. Abyss is just a glutton for punishment and takes the cheese-grater like a man.

Then we come to Steve "Mongo" McMichael facing off with James Storm. I didn't really mind the football face-off but his count was just getting on my nerves. Oh and Steve, its a MONSTERS BALL match, there are no dq's! There was no reason for him to take the tacks away from Storm.

Anyway back to the match, Morgan hits an amazing Crossbody to the outside which really impressed me. This guy is definitely growing on me. When I saw Devine come out and turn around I knew we were in for a treat.

The lighter-fluid came into play and Abyss once again proves why he is the craziest man in TNA Wrestling. 3D throws Abyss throw the flaming table and Abyss is STILL ON FIRE after he hit the table. It was very clear Abyss wasn't going to be a factor in this match anymore. Like Abyss or not, you have to respect him.

Anyway the finish to the match was well done with Team 3D hitting Hernandez with a 3D on a thumbtack covered table and then Beer Money comes in and steals the victory. I was thinking Roode and Storm would come out on top and I was glad they did. A huge HIT for the match itself but a MISS for hiring Mongo to be the referee.

Three Way Match: This was a great match between three great wrestlers. That moonsault by AJ was sick. It would have been amazing if he had been able to hit a reverse DDT with the moonsault.

Some really well done spots were included in this match and the finish was very good. A top rope unprettier by Christian allows Booker to hit a top rope scissors kick for the win. I personally thought this match should have been a number one contenders match but I take the great match any day. HIT.

Angle/Jarrett Promos: Both Angle and Jarrett gave solid promos with Angle trying to make this match even more personal. Jarrett gave a simple and sweet answer and made me ready for this upcoming match-up. HIT.

Angle vs Jarrett: In my opinion, and I might get some flack for this, but I truly thought that this was match of the night. Angle and Jarrett told a phenomenal story that had me hooked from beginning to end. Jarrett showed that he still has "it" if you will, and that he would definitely be an asset to the company as a full-time wrestler once again.

The match seemed like it could have gone either way which is a great thing for a wrestling match. Just a quick side note, Angle hits the most beautiful moonsaults in my opinion. The ref bump was expected when you have a special enforcer in a match. A vicious chair shot by Angle on Foley was great. You just knew that Foley was about to get physically.

Jarrett gets smashed with a chair as well but Foley pulls the referee out before Angle can get the win. Foley comes back in and trades punches with Angle before pulling out Mr.Socko and grabbing the mandible claw. Guitar Shot by Jarrett and he gets the victory. I was very happy when Foley counted the three.

Like I said before, In my opinion this was the match of the night that told an amazing story. Whether we see Foley vs Angle in the future is still up in the air but one thing is for sure, this match was a HIT.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Now we have come to our main event seeing Sting take on Samoa Joe. It was a good idea to have Joe and Sting go right after each other since it just wouldn't make sense for them to just "wrestle."

Joe hitting that flying dropkick on Sting was just AMAZING. I really can't believe he took that kind of risk. The crowd was very hot throughout the whole match and both men seemed spent when the made it back to the ring. It was cool to see both men kick out of their own finishers.

I was really hoping Joe would win this one but got worried when Nash came out. Nash hits Joe with Sting's bat and Sting captures his third world title at Bound For Glory. The match in it self was very good and told a great story, not as good as Jarret/Angle, but a great story none the less.

Nash turning on Joe and being the big surprise was a MISS for me but it does advance the Young vs Old angle in TNA that I personally have really enjoyed. The match was a HIT no doubt, but with TNA history, Sting probably won't be holding on to that belt for that much longer.

So to recap, thats 10 Hits against three misses which means this PPV was a HIT! Some may argue this show wasn't anywhere near a "Wrestlemania" type show but for $34.95 it offered some great wrestling. I for one am glad I order the Pay Per View and will be watching Impact this Thursday to see where TNA goes from here!

Thanks For Reading.