UFC 129 Fight Card: Should This Be the Last Fight for Randy Couture?

Michael Evans@@MikeEvansMMACorrespondent IIIApril 27, 2011

Captain America
Captain America

We are only three short days from the largest UFC fight in history and the first time the UFC has ever held an event in Ontario. Leading into Saturday the UFC has held many festivities including a UFC Fan Expo. The energy and the hype surrounding UFC 129 is simply unbelievable.

Today, Wednesday April 27, the pre-fight press conference was held and Randy Couture one of six fighters from the main card in attendance.  Following his less-than-committed comments about retirement and the doubt expressed by UFC President Dana White have shown cracks in the story. 

It seems great that Randy would retire after this fight and ride into the sunset, and eventually taking a front office job with the UFC to couple with his budding acting career. However, it appears that he may not do that. If Couture is able to defeat former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida it will be his fourth win in a row and will put him in a spot to fight a top five contender. 

Will he retire with this great opportunity laid at his feet? I honestly don’t think that he will let this opportunity pass him by if he does win.  Randy knows that it would be something historic and the payday he will receive will entice him to fight.

The real question here is: Should he retire at nearly 48 years of age? It seems as though he should. I, and many other fans, would love to see this MMA legend fight as long as he is physically able, however that is very selfish. This man has won UFC titles at light heavyweight and heavyweight, is a UFC hall of famer and has fought in mixed martial arts for over 14 years. He has trained hard and sacrificed his body for our enjoyment. If he makes the decision to continue on I am all for it, but I will not push him to do so.

If Randy Couture does retire, I would like to thank him for the years of great fights. I would like to thank him for his inspirational performance at UFC 68 when he came out of retirement to slay a giant. It would be nice to see Randy leave the sport he helped build behind while he still has his body and mind intact.