Offensive Performance (To View) in Ohio State's 16-3 Victory over Purdue

Chip MinnichCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2008

There is an old proverb about "Beauty being in the eye of the beholder." As one of 105,378 at Ohio Stadium yesterday afternoon, I would argue that what I witnessed by Ohio State's offense was nothing to behold.

On five occasions, Ohio State was at or inside the Purdue 35-yard line and did not score any offensive touchdowns. Only freshman LB Etienne Sabino's touchdown return off a blocked punt prevented this game from being a 9-3 snoozefest, with Ohio State scoring on three field goals.

Memo to Maurice Wells: if given the ball, please run to the outside. I do not care if the play is called to run through the interior of the line. At least when you run to the outside, you are running fast and you have a chance at making positive yardage. Whenever you carry inside, you are either thrown for a loss or at best no gain.

Memo to Terrelle Pryor: I know you are a true freshman, and I am prepared for your true freshman growing pains. Here's the deal: when you drop back to pass, and are looking for a receiver, do not hesitate to run the ball as you have against Wisconsin and Purdue if nobody is open.

While I understand you are trying to develop your passing skills, the bitter truth is Ohio State's offensive line is not going to give you the time that you need. Better to run for a few yards rather than take the sacks as you have these last few games.

Memo to Coach Tressel: Please do yourself, Terrelle Pryor, and the program a favor by looking for and hiring this man. You may recognize him; he goes by the name of Walt Harris.

Harris has coached 14 college quarterbacks who went on to play in the NFL. According to this story, Walt Harris should be pretty easy to find nowadays.

Next week's game up in East Lansing should be a tough one. Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio is arguably Coach Tressel's best former assistant and knows his tendencies better than anyone.

With Penn State undefeated, Ohio State needs to win this game to simply keep pace in the race for The Big Ten title. Penn State will be hosting Michigan, which is not surprisingly (to me, anyway) having a difficult season.