Indianapolis Colts Finally Find a Grove

Trever RobyContributor IOctober 12, 2008

I'm sure anyone that was watching the Colts-Ravens game today was surprised.

I sure was.

As a long-time Colts fan, I honestly didn't think the Colts would find a grove in that tough Raven defense.

The Colts defense, which was ranked 32nd in the NFL against the rush, only allowed the Raven offense 51 yards rushing and 260 yards total. Indianapolis also kept them out of the end-zone the entire game.

The final score was 31-3.

All week this Colt defense was being told they couldn't stop the run against the Ravens.

Well, they could and they did.

"We just came out and played Colts ball today," Colts' Raheem Brock said. "I’ve been saying it all year that if we could just get everything together—there are little things we need to work on, especially defensively—that we’ll start playing Colts ball and we did today"

Ravens' running back Le'Ron McClain entered the game with 63 carries worth 266 yards and four touchdowns. Today, he only rushed twice for negative two yards. Pro Bowl running back Willis McGahee entered the game with 170 yards on 50 carries. He's only accountable for eight carries for 18 yards.

Enough about the Ravens offensive struggles and the spectacular Colts defensive break through.

Lets move on to the Colts offense that finally found a grove.

Marvin Harrison was obviously Peyton Manning's favorite receiver tonight. Harrison found three passes for 82 yards and two touchdowns. The touchdowns included a spectacular 67-yarder and a five yarder. Manning also found Reggie Wayne eight times for 118 yards and one touchdown. Rookie star Anthony Gonzalez caught four passes for 33 yards total.

The only aspect of this offense that couldn't get moving was the rush attack.

Joseph Addai and Matt Hart both left today's game with injuries. Their conditions are still unknown. This put Dominic Rhodes back into the spotlight to show us what he's got. And it wasn't too bad. He left today's game with 73 yards and a touchdown with 25 carries.

The win today brought back the image of the Indianapolis Colts we all are used to seeing. It also got them their first win in the new Lucas Oil Stadium. The Raven's will still remain win-less in Indianapolis.