Can Matt Cassel Take The New England Patriots All The Way?

Tom WillockContributor IOctober 12, 2008

The career backup finally gets his shot. 

It was truly a sad day in New England when news came out that Tom Brady was out for the season, but as usual Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots saw it as an opportunity to prove they are a "team"—not just a group of players led by last year's MVP.

As of today, Cassel has the 4th highest completion percentage in the NFL at 67.3%.  This is evidence that he has the skills needed to play quarterback in the NFL.  As the offence continues to play together, they will improve their timing and learn the tendencies of their new leader.

Cassel's strong, accurate arm should allow his receivers to play the way they are used to under Brady's leadership.  He has been in New England for three seasons, so he knows the playbook as well as anyone. 

All they really need is time.  You should see the Patriots improve each week offensively.

The only thing that could possibly keep the Patriots from winning the AFC East—yet again—will be their defense. 

If their defensive backs can remain healthy for the remainder of the season, you should see the defense improve each week as well.  With the number of new faces on defense, once again, all they will need is time. 

In the end, they have the best coach in the NFL with Bill Belichick, the best owner in the NFL with Robert Kraft, and the greatest fans in the world. 

Only time will tell if the Patriots—under the helm of Matt Cassel—can continue to be this century's greatest team. 

In this fan's opinion, I still expect greatness from the NFL's most recent dynasty, the New England Patriots.