Arizona Rattlers: Unlocking of NFL May Slow Rattlers' Run to Perfection

Tyson AbaroaContributor IApril 26, 2011

Trandon Harvey may loose his wingman Rod Windsor back to the NFL
Trandon Harvey may loose his wingman Rod Windsor back to the NFLGene Lower/Getty Images

Right as the AFL's Arizona Rattlers are running on all gears, the NFL has been forced to unlock the doors and let the players return to work. This may damper the Rattlers' hopes to maintain a perfect record as their receiver and kicker may be called back to their NFL franchises.

Wide receiver Rod Windsor and kicker Fabrizio Scaccia are on loan to the AFL as their respective teams allowed them to return to the arena during the dispute between the NFL Players Association and the franchise owners.

According to Fox Sports, on Monday Federal District Judge Susan Nelson ordered the NFL to unlock the gates and let the players return to work on Tuesday. Although the owners will likely sue for a stay on the order, this may still affect the Rattlers if Rod Windsor is called back to the Cleveland Browns and Fabrizio Scaccia is called back to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Rattlers may not be the best passing team in the AFL, but with the combination of Trandon Harvey and Rod Windsor, they are rarely lower than fifth in passing.

Head Coach Kevin Guy was questioned by Arizona Republic reporter Richard Obert on the possibility of Windsor’s departure he remained confident in his team.

"We're glad we've got him, but we also want guys that we can maintain. We were winning games before Rod got here. All Rod does is enhance our system. A system is a system, and we just plug guys in. We've got six receivers here in whom we've got confidence. They can make plays. But we're happy to have him."

The loss of Rod Windsor and his unique ability to break tackles in the cramped 50 yards in the Arena would be missed sorely even with a great system.

Adding to the wound would be the loss of Fabrizio Scaccia. When the Rattlers began their season with Joe Schroeder as their kicker, they had a consistency problem with point after attempts and had to compensate with multiple two-point conversion attempts. Since Fabrizio has returned, he has only missed one out of 17 PAT’s; Schroeder was 19-of-27.

Coach Guy is right to be confident in his team, but Windsor and Fabrizio have stepped up in areas that can’t be filled easily.