WWE 2011 Draft Results: No Real Surprises and One Really Disappointing Pick

Josh McCainSenior Writer IApril 26, 2011

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To no one's surprise The 2011 WWE Draft kicked off with Smackdown receiving the first pick of the night and drafting the biggest money maker in the business, John Cena.

Right off the bat Smackdown showed they weren't playing with kid gloves in the draft and were out for blood.

It was that first pick that made me realize the obvious, RAW had everything to loose in the draft and very little to gain.

The majority of the RAW roster is made up of established stars.  For starters you have Cena, Randy Orton, C.M. Punk, The Miz, Sin Cara (not a WWE vet but a fresh new commodity), Triple H and Santino.

Then you look at Smackdown's Roster and there aren't as many established stars.  You have Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker (who I assume wasn't draftable), Wade Barret, Kofi Kingston and that's about it as far as high profile stars go.

In fact with the exception of Taker and Mysterio the rest of that list hasn't held either the Heavyweight or WWE Title.

RAW was ripe for the picking and they were picked clean, almost.

The next pick went to RAW and they took the only superstar on the Smackdown roster that they could, Rey Mysterio.

It wasn't the same as Smackdown taking Cena, but like I said Taker probably wasn't draftable and outside of him Rey is the most accomplished superstar on that roster.

The next three picks would go to Smackdown and they'd be Orton (no surprise there), Mark Henry (apparently the Washington Redskins made that pick on behalf of Smackdown because it made no damn sense), and then, sadly, Sin Cara. 

The Sin Cara pick is really what disappointed me.

The second Rey was drafted by RAW I had visions of Rey vs Sin Cara dancing through my head.

Sure Rey has lost a step but he can still fly and I think he and Sin Cara could put together a Match of the Year type match.

However it is not meant to be, for now at least.

The next pick by Raw was Alberto Del Rio, again it was pretty much their only option when you compare the two rosters, plus it's a chance for Del Rio to really shine.

However, this pick kind of cripples Smackdown.  Depending on the supplemental draft later today, Smackdown is at a lack of top heels.

RAW also picked up the Big Show.  Kind of like Mark Henry it didn't make much sense.  Unless Show does a heel turn I don't see who he's going to feud with.

I mean he could take on the New Nexus, but that's just rehashing what he did against The Corre.  Honestly I'd say look for a heel turn from Show, and on Smackdown I'd bet the kitchen sink Randy Orton isn't going to stay a face much longer either.

The last pick of the night was to be determined by a 6-man tag match between The Miz, Del Rio, and Punk (RAW) vs Cena, Christian, and Mark Henry (Smackdown)

It ended with a heel turn by Henry and the Miz pinned Cena.

RAW's final pick of the night didn't really surprise me.  I had expected at some point they would redraft Cena.

So to recap, Orton, Henry and Sin Cara shuffle off to Smackdown, Cena stays on RAW and is joined by Del Rio, Mysterio, and Big Show.

Barring Morrison going to Smackdown in the supplemental draft or some more redrafting shenanigans, four of the five superstars competing for the two major titles in the WWE are on RAW.

This turn of events spells good news for Christian.  Even though there is always a chance of titles changing shows I highly doubt the WWE will put both the WWE Title and Heavyweight Title on RAW.

Now that the draft has concluded I'll make my predictions for the two title matches at Extreme Rules.

Cena will win back the WWE Title and the IWC will finally get what they want and Christian will be destiny's sweetheart and capture the Heavyweight title.

Like I said earlier, watch for a heel turn by Orton to immediately challenge Christian (and probably defeat him) for the Heavyweight title.

Well there you have it folks, the 2011 WWE Draft results and what they could mean for the title picture on both shows.