2009 NFL Mock Draft 1-10

Rob CCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2008

2009 NFL Mock Draft


Every day gms come into their office and have scouts talking up the best NFL prospects around. It’s never too early to predict what will happen on draft day. There should be a lot of juniors bypassing there last year of college to start their NFL careers, which will make this a draft for the ages


Before I get into the draft lets look at the sleepers


Ever hear of Chase Holbrook. We’ll after a great sophomore season he was poised to be a first rounder until his sub-par year last year when he threw for only 26 touchdowns and 18 picks. However he did complete over 70 percent of his passes, which is what scouts look for in a NFL qb. Chase is 6’5 and over 240 pounds, which only raises his draft stock since he can see over the pocket and has a better view when looking down field. Chase also has a cannon for an arm and can make all the throws, which are key in an NFL qb. It’s tough to find a player with a good deep ball and a Chad Pennington type short pass which is reason enough for him to be a second or third round pick with starting potential.


Nathan Brown is another qb from a small school that has what it takes to be a great NFL qb. Like Chase Brown is a good decision maker and rarely throws an int. He may not have a great long ball but still averages over eight yards per attempt since he has great zip on his ball and is the hardest thrower in the draft. Hes not the biggest qb and doesn’t play for a well know football school (Central Arkansas) but depending on Joe Flaccos success this year he may be a first round pick


Rashid Jennings is one of the few running backs from a non - division one program who has a future in the NFL. He started his college career at Pitt band as a freshman averaged 4.8 yards a carry but then transferred to a little known school in Liberty Virginia. Rahad has decent 40 speed (4.5) but looks way faster with pads on. He can run up the middle or to the outside and at 6’1. 230 pounds he has the size to be a full time back in the NFL


Big receivers are always a big hit in the NFL and if you can run a 4.6 while being over 6’6 and 220 pounds you’re bound to have a great NFL career. That being said if your from a small program with no other solid prospects your going to slip in the draft even if you have an amazing college career. At Cal Foly last year he had 57 receptions in only 11 games yet had over 1,400 yards, 18 tds and averaged over 25 yards per catch. Hes going to be the biggest steal in the NFL draft since most scouts don’t consider him a top 10 prospect at wide receiver and have him dropping to the late third or fourth round. Really who wouldn’t want a speedy receiver who is a great end zone threat and has the potential to break one every time you pass him the ball. The Future Hall Of Famers name is Ramses Barden


Devin Moore is another back from a non-bcs school that will have a big impact in the NFL. Hes a small back at 5'11, 191 pounds but what he lacks in size he makes up for in raw speed. He is a great returner and has returned a few for touchdowns in his career. Now what makes a good back is being able to play your best even when your team is down. This year against BYU Moore had 97 yards on only 14 attempts. He averaged almost seven yards a carry against a defense that will play in a BCS Bowl. The skys the limit for the little guy out of Wyoming though I don’t think he'll do much in the NFL


LaMarcus Coker was Tennessee leading rusher a few years back but was kicked off the team due to falling a few drug tests. Since then he has joined Hampton and is doing pretty good. With that being said he is one of the fastest runners in this draft running around a 4.26, which by any standards is amazing. For that reason he will be drafted in the late seventh round and has the potential to be a special back in the NFL that is if he can kick

His drug addiction


Now onto the draft


1. Kansas City – The Chiefs are in a rebuilding mode right now.  They had a great draft this year but still are a ways away from contending. If they don’t trade down KC has no other choice then to pick their qb of the future in Matt Stafford. Lets face it Huard was a one year wonder and Croyle hasn’t turned out so a qb is a must. Stafford is a good decision maker and has great big game experience. He brings along with him a cannon and a winning mentality, which is tough to find in qbs these days. Matt doesn’t get down no matter what, he always keeps his head up high. After throwing a pick against Florida last year he came back and threw for over 200 yards and three tds in a game which Georgia won 42-30. As long as Stafford bypasses his last year of college for the NFL there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be the first pick


2. St. Louis – How many good years does Orlando Pace have left in him. Last year St. Louis tried to jump up to select Jake Long and with tackle still being there biggest name why not select a 6’5, 318 pound beast in Michael Oher. Oher is the heart and sole of an Ole Miss offensive line which isn’t half bad and he has played against the best college football has to offer. This move makes perfect sense; Oher learns from the best and becomes the best, enough said


3. Oakland – You draft a qb, running back, and the next player you pick is a tackle. It’s what NFL teams are built on, a good tackle, qb, and back means playoffs and hopefully even a championship. Even though Robert Gallery hasn’t turned out the way the Raiders had hopped they have no other glaring needs and there offensive line is terrible. If McFadden is ever going to have an impact he needs a good tackle since hes more of an outside runner then a grinder. Russell never has enough time and is always being pressured which makes the third pick……..Eugene Monroe.


4. Miami – The Dolphins cant defend the pass, which is the reason why thill ends up getting this pick. Considering both their starters are over 30 and their backups have almost no experience there going to have to address that need sooner or later. Bills most likely going to trade down but if he doesn’t thill select Vontae Davis. Davis was a first team all big ten selection last year and is Bills type of corner. He can rush the qb, cover the greatest wide receivers and lay a lick on them that they will never forget which makes him the fourth pick in the 2009 NFL draft


5. San Francisco – Patrick Willis is one of the best outside linebackers in the NFL. The 49ers have lots of needs but at this pick there going to either trade down and get a receiver or draft the best player on the board in Rey Maualuga. This pick would make niner fans as happy as ever, their favorite college player going to their favorite team but teams don’t draft to make the fans happy. Since San Fran has no decent inside linebacker Rey would make perfect sense. Hes a ball hawk, last year Rey had six sacks and over ten tackles for loss along with one pick and 79 tackles. Imagine Maualuga and Willis playing together on the same front seven; it will come reality come April


6. Detroit – Their defense needs help: unless Stafford falls to them or they trade up there’s no way that they don’t pick a defensive player. With Rey just off the board threes a few directions in which they may go: James Laurinaitis, Will Moore, or Malcom Jenkins however thill take an explosive end from Georgia Tech. Hes 6’7 and over 260 pounds, runs a 4.65, and cannot be stopped. GTs star is said to be the next Mario Williams so he may go in the top three. Goes by the name of Michael Johnson


7. Cincinnati – This year the Bengals have looked awful. They cant, pass, run, or defend. With so many wholes they could go so many ways by picking a corner, tackle, or safety however thill ultimately go with a running back. How good is Cedric Benson. Even at his best he’s an uphill runner who cant stretch it to the outside and Perry isn’t role with the offense. With all the backs in the draft on the board it will come down to Beanie Wells or Knowshon Moreno. Moreno is a game breaker. In only six games this season he has 10 tds and almost 500 yards while averaging over six yards per attempt. Wells may have better stats and is already a fan favorite but Moreno will be there chose. Moreno is the explosive back, which Cincy has never had, and needs in order to become a contender


8. Cleveland – Defense isn’t a problem for the Browns who are in the top fifteen in yards allowed per game. However they’re dead last in almost every offensive category. With an ex first round pick as qb, and two solid receivers under thirty they can go a number of ways. Jamal Lewis is almost thirty years old and nearing the end of his prime. With no reliable backup behind him the Browns have to go back with this pick. Why not pick the most talented player in this years draft in Beanie Wells. Wells reminds me of a younger Steven Jackson with AP potential. Hes big, with great speed, though he has a slight injury problem, which is why he’ll drop to this, pick. By selecting Wells they get a great player with great potential, while giving them a one of the best back tandems in the league.


9. Seattle – Out of all the teams picking in the top ten this team has the least needs. The team that was a lock to win their division for years has finally stunk again. They have only one big need and that’s receiver. Billy McMullen is no number one receiver and even with Branch back Bobby Engram is thirty-five and will retire after this season. With that being said the Seahawks get the steal of the draft in Michael Crabtree. Crabtree is the best receiving prospect we’ve seen in a few years with blazing speed (4.48) and over 6’3, 210, along with having over 1,900 yards last year and 22 touchdowns there’s no reason why the Seahawks would pass him up.


10. Houston – The only team with a top ten pick being in the top twenty in all team stats there’s a number of ways the Texans may go. They could use another receiver, tight end, safety, or corner so in the end, there picking the best player available. Is there any defensive end that had a better season last year then George Selvie? I mean is 14 sacks bad, along with running a solid 4.68 and being over 6’4, 240 pounds. Imagine a defensive line with Williams, Okoye, and Selvie. But, NFL teams pick for need, which is why they select Taylor Mays. Mays runs around a 4.35, which makes NFL teams, drool. Along with being 6’4, 225 pounds he has the physical tools to be the best safety in the NFL. He can play both free and strong safety along with having receiver like hands. This year he already has four picks and never misses a tackle. Mays remind me of a Sean Taylor with Ed Reed like hands, which make this, pick a no brainier

Thanks for reading, now whats your top 10?