BCS System, Fair or Crap?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 11, 2008

As many college football fans see their teams do well or terrible this year, there will be a discussion, what is it you may ask. Its always at the end of the college year of football. It's the BCS System.

Any and everybody will discuss why their team should be ranked higher that the other team, and why, because it is a piece of crap to some people. I kind of agree and disagree with them.

I love the system when it is fair like if Alabama beats a No.3 Georgia team they should move up a little in the rankings, and if No.9 beats a Ball State team they should jump them regardless of the score.

And not saying I am a fan of either it is just an example, but that is how it is in the BCS. Even if the game is close until the very end and Florida hangs another score on Auburn to make it 21-7 instead of the 4:37 left when it was 14-7.

See the BCS is a computer it doesn't understand what the game is, how close it is all the way it just sees rankings and scores, which is a big flaw in the system in my opinion making it crap in some ways.

A couple of years ago Auburn went 13-0 and could have gone to a National title game, but a USC team that was ranked high at the beginning of the year and another team were undefeated, leaving Auburn to the No.3 spot, although in the best conference in football, the SEC.

So if where you play doesn't matter what does? It's who you beat, if a team goes undefeated and beats alot of low to midranked teams and another team beats at least two top five teams they are looked at as the better of the two, only because of who they played.

That is why some conferences get favor to others, because of rankings, not the fact that its a certain conference, it is the SEC usually because of the higher ranked teams however.

To me its fair in some ways because although we think that our team is the better team, the computer doesn't show that favoritism that we do, it only sees like I said the score and rank of the team that won or lost and moves them accordingly.

Although I disagree with the BCS System a lot and I know you do to, it has to be here, or we would never get those two certain teams, to be in the NC Game.

It would be an uproar by all teams in the top 10 who think they are best, that is why in my opinion we have not seen a playoff system yet, cause it would cause controversy in all of college football.

Its doing its job even though it is highly disliked by many people, so lets cut it just a little slake, we can disagree all we want, but no human could do a better job. But of course this is my opinion what do you think about the BCS System?