Colts-Ravens: In Search For Consistency in Week 6

Trever RobyContributor IOctober 10, 2008

The Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens will battle it out in search of consistency in week 6 of the NFL.

Even though both teams are 2-2, they are anything but evenly matched. The Indianapolis Colts, in previous years, should have already found a grove to work with. They haven't as the new Lucas Oil Stadium remains win-less for the Colts this season. Baltimore started out strong with two consecutive wins, but then losing two in a row to reach the spot of 2-2. Without quick thinking by Peyton Manning, the colts would be win-less, and without game-costing penalties by the Ravens, they'd be undefeated.

The Colts have won the last five meetings with the Ravens, that could very well end Sunday if the Colts' defense doesn't show some effort. 

Peyton Manning will have the luxury of playing in front of the home crowd, however, during his last-minute play changes, yelling and pointing at the line, and changing around players, Ray Lewis of the Ravens will be doing the same thing on defense. That's nothing new to them, over the years they have met quite a few times. That includes six regular-season match-ups.

All of this aside, then Ravens will be bringing in that tough Raven defense against the Colts inconsistent offense. The Ravens are only accountable for 10 sacks on Manning in the regular season, their biggest challenge is to figure out Manning. In my opinion, Manning is the best in the sport when it comes to moving around in the pocket and avoiding tacklers.

To the Colts advantage, the Ravens have racked up quite a few penalties. In the last two weeks, they had been penalized 19 times for a total of 163 yards. If the Raven defense doesn't clean up their act, I don't see any problem with Manning picking apart the defense and inticipating possible interference calls on Baltimore.

Don't let the Ravens Defense distract you. Their offense isn't anything to get too excited about. But, every team has its struggles. It'll be easy for Ravens to take advantage of the struggling Colts defense. Without that hard-hitting, intimidating, Bob Sanders in the back field, the Ravens will most likely throw more and run farther. The Colts gave up a total of 391 yards last week, and against the Jags; Jones-Drew and Taylor both had over 100 yards. And that was with Bob Sanders in the back field.

There's no doubt in my mind that a lot of big plays and hits will take place sunday. It'll be an interesting game to whatch as Baltimore [and Indianapolis] look for first win in Indy.