WWE Draft 2011: 2 Ideas That Could Make It Exciting Once More

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 23, 2011


With the amount of articles being written about the draft lately, I’ll be surprised if anyone who visits this site doesn’t know about it yet.

If you don’t know about it, then the annual WWE draft is taking place this Monday, April 25.

The draft has given us some surprises over the years, and some obvious choices. As said in my previous article, Randy Orton moving to SmackDown will surprise absolutely nobody.

As with the rest of the goings on in and around the ring, the draft is a scripted affair with the choices being made beforehand.

For me, this is a big issue as the excitement I should be feeling isn’t there. I know there may be surprises, but knowing it’s already decided beforehand doesn’t sit well with me.

I love football (soccer), and in the UK we have a cup competition called The FA Cup. After every round, a draw takes place and it is entirely random, and more often than not it gives us some true shockers.

Take for instance lowly Crawley Town being drawn against the might of Manchester United. It’s those kind of fixtures that come from surprises that make the cup a truly magical affair.

Every single time I watch the draw, it fills me with excitement and joy. However, if I was to find out that all the fixtures were picked beforehand and it wasn’t as random as I believed, I would be devastated as the magic would no longer be there. It would lead to me never watching the draw again, knowing such a thing.

Which brings me to my two ideas that I honestly believe would bring some magic to the draft. They may be unlikely to happen, as WWE likes to maintain control, but one of my ideas does give them a measure of control nonetheless.

So here we go to my two ideas. I know two isn’t many, but they are pretty radical ideas, so they would be all that is needed.


Make the draw completely random

That’s right, much like the magic of the FA Cup, the WWE draft draw should be random to the extreme with no variables in play whatsoever.

It’s a simple idea, with huge implications. Give every superstar and diva a number from one upwards.

Get a big clear ball that can be rotated and has one way in and out. Place balls with all the assigned numbers on them into the clear ball and rotate it multiple times to mix them up.

Next we have two representatives of each brand, they can be anyone except the people who are in the draft. One person puts their hand in, shuffles around and pulls a ball out. The person that corresponds to the number is then on the brand the picker represents. Simple!

This means that anyone can end up anywhere, regardless. It gives the fans something truly exciting to watch as anything could happen.

Yes, right now anything could happen. But the "anything that can happen" is controlled.

How many people would be truly shocked if Cena was picked for SmackDown? I think a lot of people would, as no-one excepts him to ever leave Raw. With this idea, nobody is safe, and I mean nobody.

Take this for example: All the major players somehow end up on the same show, and that show is SmackDown, the B show. John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Christian. How many more people would tune into that show from then on when all the major players are there? A lot more than already do, that’s for sure.

Then imagine the shock when Raw is left with no one to be the main star of the show. How cool would it be to have creative scrambling around to come up with storylines from a random draft, rather than have the storylines in place for months.

Hell, they could even have the stories written, just not the characters themselves. They would then have to insert who they have and alter the story to fit them.

A lot of people want certain superstars pushed, we all want the youth movement to actually produce something. With one show devoid of true stars, they would have to look at their current line-up and work with what they have. It would lead to new faces in the main-event, rather than the same old tired ones. It would make the WWE exciting again.

And hey, if they don’t want it that random and to have some degree of control, that’s where my next idea comes into play.


Have the fans do the picking

This one is easily accomplished via the internet. Pretty much every fan has the internet so can go online to do their voting. They could even set up a phone line for people without the internet. Think of the money they can raise with a phone line for voting.

Their measure of control comes in having superstars grouped together. Obviously the WWE can pick who is in what group and how many groups they have. They can have top seeds, middle seeds and lower seeds even.

For instance, in the top seed group you would have; Del Rio, Miz, Cena, Orton, Christian and Punk. Fans go to the website, login, and when it comes down to choosing, they have to choose three to go to Raw and three to go to SmackDown.

In a sense, it will give the fans some pleasure in being able to choose and the company will be happy because they get to keep stars of a certain calibre on each show regardless of the picks.

For an even greater degree of control they can have superstars in one-on-one voting. Randy Orton vs John Cena. You vote who goes where, the choice is in your hands.

This idea may not be as fulfilling as the other one but it allows us and the company to have some satisfaction.

Another way to let the fans do the picking, without control from the company, plays on the game the WWE has set up on their website at the moment. It’s a fantasy thing where you pick your dream rosters.

But what if it wasn’t a game, what if every time someone submitted their roster, votes were being tallied up according to which superstar went where?

With the amount of people that would vote and, with everyone having their own version of a dream roster, the majority of people would be happy. Even knowing some of their choices happened as a result would make even the most die-hard fan happy.

The options would be endless and some sense of excitement would be brought back to the draft.

With this second option there would have to be a cut off time shortly before the live show, so all the votes could be processed and rosters set up accordingly.

I know I only put two ideas, but as stated previously, I believe them to be enough.

Hopefully you all enjoyed my ideas and thoughts. If you agree or disagree I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.