WWE Draft 2011: Is John Cena Being Sent to the Minor Leagues?

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WWE Draft 2011: Is John Cena Being Sent to the Minor Leagues?

Let's face it, we all know Monday Night Raw is the superior brand. It's legendary, it has better ratings and most importantly, it's live.  And, it will play host to the WWE Draft in 2011 next week. 

Many wrestling fans, unless they're living under a large boulder, realize that SmackDown is taped on Tuesdays and aired on Friday night.

I think it is crucial for the WWE to eventually make SmackDown a live show because it is killing the ratings.  If people read spoilers and don't watch the show, then of course, the ratings will drop.

Not only that, it takes away from any big moments happening on SmackDown, because WWE knows that people would find out before the show aired.

It is getting a lot harder lately to watch SmackDown on Friday without someone tweeting a spoiler or putting it in front of you, without your knowledge.

However, that is a different topic for another day.

The reason why I bring all of that up is because SmackDown is considered the "B-show," the minor leagues if you will. Following Edge's sudden retirement, the 2011 WWE Draft circulates around SmackDown this year. SmackDown needs a top draw, and they need it now.

I first thought that Randy Orton would be moved to SmackDown, as I posted in a prediction slideshow earlier in the week.

John Cena's big reaction when he came over to Raw in 2005.

While that still might happen, I have gotten a huge feeling that John Cena could be on the move.

Could he be trading in that Raw red on his shirt, for some SmackDown blue?  I hope another shirt color change isn't involved if he does move brands.

Does anybody remember what happened on June 6, 2005?

I'll give you a moment.

That is the day that Cena was drafted to the Raw brand and his career shot off faster then a Nolan Ryan fastball with a rocket attached to it.

Nearly six years later, he could be headed back to the show where it all started for him, the show where he made his mark and stood toe to toe with Kurt Angle, displaying his "ruthless aggression."

With this move, Cena brought his first of seven WWE Championships to the Raw roster, making the belt exclusive to the Raw brand, where it remains; for now.

While the belt wouldn't be involved in this transaction, it isn't safe to say that Cena will remain on Raw this go-around. He has accomplished so much in his career at this point, why not put him on SmackDown to help the ratings a bit.

Until WWE puts more of their top draws on SmackDown, and gives the show more credibility, it will remain in the gutter.

Do you think John Cena is headed back to Friday nights?

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The biggest thing that has to happen is the show going live, as I already mentioned, but putting a wrestler like Cena on SmackDown is a great start. I understand WWE has a schedule that works out for them and their talent to get some days off during the week, but they can always move things around and make SmackDown live, I think it is crucial.

There is still a possibility that Orton could go to SmackDown.

I think they will put two big superstars on SmackDown and move someone like Cody Rhodes or Drew McIntyre to Raw.

Right now, SmackDown is in big trouble.  Alberto Del Rio, Christian and Rey Mysterio are the top draws, while a soon to retire and oft-injured Undertaker appears once in a blue moon.

We all should agree that someone big is going to SmackDown this Monday, maybe even a couple of big stars.

It should be interesting to see what the WWE does here.  I am looking forward to the draft, I think it will be exciting to watch and see how it all unfolds. 

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