TNA: Dixie Carter To Bite the Dust and Could Sting Jump Ship?

Ryan MartinContributor IIIApril 8, 2017

Truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of TNA.

When it first started out, it was almost laughable that they thought they could compete with WWE. I know there are a lot of genuine TNA fans out there who will rubbish this article and accuse me of being a WWE "mark."

Despite that, I feel strongly that these are worrying times for TNA, its roster and most importantly, its fans.

The Internet is buzzing with reports that TNA president Dixie Carter is set to resign from the company over some shadowy dealings. Carter has been good for TNA. She has found the resources to bankroll it, air it on TV and manage to drag the roster (even Matt Hardy) on a European tour.

Let's be frank for a second, TNA was and never will be a genuine threat to WWE. As far as I am concerned, the wrestling market is closed for business and no one will compete at the same level as the WWE. 

With Carter possibly out of the picture, where will TNA stand?

Oddly, its fate will rest in the same sweaty, wrinkly palms as WCW's fate dangled precariously all those years ago. Two names that some consider dirty in the wrestling world: Hogan and Bischoff.

A little glance into the WCW accounts will show that although Hogan made the company hugely popular with the formation of the nWo, he also was on the receiving end of a nice salary a la Eric Bischoff.

Hogan was a legend, he changed the face of professional wrestling and drew huge crowds in his day. Sadly, for both him and wrestling, he just can't let go.

Hogan should have called it a day after his epic battle with The Rock and WrestleMania. Perhaps the lure of extra money and some more time melting in the spotlight brought him to TNA, but either way, it was bad business on Carter's part.

Her line of thinking was clear, Hogan equals ratings. The only problem is: The more people you get watching a washed up wrestler steal the limelight from some younger guys and create some of the worst creative angles in years, the more people come away with a negative opinion of the TNA product.

Hogan can no longer run the ropes, never mind run a company. 

Eric Bischoff is a different breed all together. Bischoff lives in his own little world, where it seems reality went extinct long before the dinosaurs.

When WWF was struggling, Vince McMahon created his character, Mr.McMahon. The crowd ate it up and the rest is history. The problem with Bischoff is that, in reality, he is Mr.McMahon. He has screwed more people than Goldman Sachs and Charlie Sheen put together!

Like Hogan, he loves the spotlight and is quite content with letting the talented guys like A.J. Styles and Kazarian rot in the locker room, whilst he cuts a 15-minute promo on the "network." Another story line grabbed straight from the WCW archive.

TNA can still exist without Carter at the helm but it will always be the second thought when it comes to pro-wrestling. Nothing good will come from Carter leaving and, with her father practically paying the talent, nothing good will come for the roster either regardless of Hogan and Bischoff. 

But there is one thing...

When Sting became a free agent, everyone talked about a WrestleMania match with 'Taker. WWE did approach Sting, but yet again he turned them down, afraid of being "used."

Carter is believed to be the sole person responsible for Sting's return to TNA. Sting, as we know, does not like Hogan or Bischoff after the dark days of WCW. With Carter gone is there a possibility that Sting will drop the title and leave TNA?

He would have a whole year to rest because, let's face it, 'Taker wont be around until next January, just in time to build a feud for 'Mania.

Sting may not like Vince McMahon, but I wonder what his feelings are on HHH calling the shots? He could face 'Taker, earn his rightful place in a wrestling HOF and then retire, knowing he has done it all.

Perhaps the end is wishful thinking on my part, but with wrestling you just never know. On a serious conclusion though, a Carter resignation would be the first bell toll for TNA, and as each day passes it is looking more and more likely.