WWE Breaking News: Huge Announcement on Raw Regarding Extreme Rules

Bryan FloryAnalyst IApril 18, 2011

Wrestlezone reports have surfaced that during the tapings for Raw tonight in London, a major change has been made to the WWE Championship match.

John Morrison has replaced R-Truth as the third man in the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules.

Morrison and R-Truth will apparently have a match tonight to determine who will be the third man in the match.

This was actually spoiled by R-Truth on Twitter, when he said, "Being mr nice guy got me no where! I lost my chance to become WWE champion! Wait'al they get a load of me!"

Apparently attitudes have changed drastically towards Morrison in the past week, as we all assumed that he was deep in the doghouse with Vince McMahon after the way he handled the Trish Stratus situation.

Many readers were upset that Morrison was not involved in the match to begin with.

I highly doubt that the IWC's backlash to R-Truth being a part of this match had anything to do with him being removed.

But I think many of us would agree that R-Truth selection was more of punishment to Morrison and the message was apparently sent.

More to come after tonight's Raw airs.

Update: As many you have seen by now, R-Truth did in fact lose his spot to Morrison and turned heel in the process.

Morrison was beaten by Truth after the match, and pulled the ultimate Jeff Hardy heel move by smoking a cigarette in the process.

Furthermore, it was announced that the WWE Title match between the Miz, John Cena, and Morrison would take place in a Steel Cage.

Definitely some interesting developments after a hectic week in WWE.


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