10 Things I Learned from TNA Lockdown

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 18, 2011

10 Things I Learned from TNA Lockdown

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    Lockdown has passed and what a night it was.

    There were eight matches on the card, two of the eight were title matches and a new champion was crowned.

    After watching Lockdown, I feel like I learned a few things, but I also have several questions heading into this Thursday's iMPACT! broadcast, but that's a different article for a different time.

    Lockdown was a good show by TNA. The title matches, lethal lockdown and some heated feuds came to a cool.

    Here are 10 things I learned from Lockdown. 

Brian Kendrick Has a Good Fanbase

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    At Lockdown, Kendrick took part in the X Division Xscape match.

    He came out in his robe and sat against the cage for majority of the match. Doing his meditating stint.

    Soon enough, he is in the final four along with Max Buck, Jeremy Buck and Robbie E. Jeremy. Soon Kendrick was the only face in the match.

    During all of this, the crowd kept chanting Kendrick's name! He was one of the most popular people in the match. TNA, take note of that, change his gimmick and set him free upon the X Division!

New No. 1 Contender

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    Max Buck defeated seven other guys in the Xscape match, earning the right to face Kazarian at the next TNA pay-per-view.

    Max beat some X Division greats like Chris Sabin, Amazing Red and Jay Lethal. 

    Max deserves the No. 1 contender and TNA has been building him up a lot recently. He plays his cocky heel role well and I hope he wins the X Division Championship next month.

Possible Feud Between These Two?

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    These two Knockouts have hit a rough spot.

    On iMPACT! Tara didn't want to follow Rayne's orders. She gave in to Madison and did what she said: She ran Mickie James over with a motorcycle.

    The following week Madison said she'd do it again and Tara didn't like that. She got in Rayne's face and Rayne pretty much said, know your role and shut your mouth and called Tara her b****.

    At Lockdown, Madison was going to demonstrate her barber skills on Tara's hair. Tara pulled away and tensions rose between the two, again.

    Rayne told Tara she doesn't need her at ringside and Tara taunted Madison.

    Will we see a possible feud between these two in the future?

Dream Fulfilled, History Made

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    Mickie James made women's wrestling history.

    She is the first and only woman to ever hold the WWE Women's title, WWE Diva's title and now Knockouts title.

    She won the title in a matter of seconds by thrashing Madison headfirst into the cage three times and hit a DDT. All with a separated shoulder I should add.

    Mickie is the new champion and made history on April 17.

New No. 1 Contender?

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    After the match between Hernandez and Matt Morgan (Morgan won), Sarita and Rosita grabbed a mic as the men in Mexican America left.

    Sarita kept saying this is typical America and typical TNA. The Mexicans are being held down.

    Sarita then asked why she isn't, or has ever been, Knockouts Champion. Uh-oh.

    If that Rayne vs. Tara feud happens who will be No. 1 contender to Mickie James? Angelina Love is a zombie that just follows Winter. Velvet Sky is going to try to save Angelina from Winter. Who does that leave?


    Make her the No. 1 contender, TNA!

New No. 1 Contenders

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    Ink Inc in the new No. 1 contender's to Beer Money's TNA Tag Team Championships.

    Ink Inc won the four-way tag team match at Lockdown last night which granted them the number one contender spot.

    This wouldn't be the first time Ink Inc and Beer Money fought for the titles. They did at Victory Road and Beer Money retained.

    Ink Inc is still a young team, but I would love to see them as tag team champions.

Morgan's Sights on Gold

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    After coming out victorious in a hard-fought match against Hernandez, The Blueprint ascended the cage and signaled a belt around his waist.


    Matt Morgan is done with Hernandez and moving on to bigger and better things. Title belts.

    Matt Morgan never won a singles belt in TNA. He had his chances from November to January but got screwed by Jeff Hardy and Immortal every time.

    Now Hardy's gone and Immortal doesn't have the belt. Maybe things will be easier this time around for Morgan.

    I'm all for Morgan going for gold.

Karen Jarrett Is Wife of the Year

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    Karen Jarrett won the match at Lockdown for Jeff.

    Angle had the match won plenty of times. Angle walked towards the cage door but Karen sprayed some perfume or hair spray in his face and blinded him.

    She called for Jeff and he crawled over. Angle caught him in an Ankle Lock and pulled him to the center of the ring. Karen slid in Jarrett's guitar and Jeff nailed Kurt.

    Jeff was halfway out of the cage and Angle grabbed Double J again. Karen swung the cage door into Kurt's face and Jeff fell to the arena floor for the win.

    Karen saved Jeff three times in the match and got a major assist in Jarrett's win over Angle.

AJ Styles Is Back

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    AJ Styles made his return during the Lethal Lockdown match.

    Bully Ray was beating down Storm, Roode and Kazarian with a kendo stick and AJ's music hit.

    He came charging to the ring as the crowd erupted. He laid in shots to Bully Ray and launched him into the cage several times.

    AJ helped Fortune win the match and made his return known.

Sting vs. Hogan?

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    Sting retained in his title match against RVD and Anderson.

    Hogan came to the ring and offered a pipe to RVD. RVD took the pipe but threw it away. Anderson picked up the pipe and hit RVD with it.

    Anderson looked as if he was on the verge of victory until Sting hit a Scorpion Deathdrop for the win.

    Hogan kept saying if Sting wants a war, he'll get a war.

    Sting waved Hogan into the ring, but Hogan said, "On my own time."

    Will these two legends clash inside a TNA ring?