TNA Lockdown Card and Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 16, 2011

TNA Lockdown Card and Predictions

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    Lockdown is finally right around the corner! This Sunday, April 17 and I've been waiting for weeks! The most violent pay-per-view in wrestling is finally here!

    There are eight scheduled matches for Lockdown; two of the eight are title matches.

    This year's Lockdown pay-per-view will be held in the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year's Lockdown has the making to be great! I think it can be better than Wrestlemania 27. 

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Four-Way Tag Team Match

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    This match should be good.

    On the last edition of iMPACT! had one person from each team in a four-way match. 

    Jesse Neal vs. Crimson vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Douglas Williams

    Surprisingly, Orlando Jordan won the match. I think EY and OJ have the slimmest chance of winning this match. They are a mix and matched team that fans can't take seriously.

    Crimson and Steiner only wrestled a handful of matches together as a team and I don't see them winning this match.

    Steiner is the biggest man in the match and Crimson is the rookie in this match. Both seem more like singles wrestlers than a tag team.

    Ink Inc. has hit a bump in the road. Neal and Moore aren't on the same page. Moore is heel and Neal is face. They can't/hardly co-exist. 

    I think The British Invasion should win this match. They have the experience as a tag team and are former tag team champions, something all the other teams in this match never accomplished.

    My choice: The British Invasion (Magnus & Williams)

X Division Xscape Match

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    This match has the making to be amazing. This looks like the best Xscape match in recent years at Lockdown. This is a tough choice.

    Lockdown 2010 had only four participants. This year, there are nine.

    Jay Lethal, Amazing Red and Alex Shelley have been gone from our television screens for some reason. I thought Shelley was still injured with a broken clavicle, but apparently not.

    I think this match can have phenomenal spots between all nine guys, but there's only one winner.

    I think that one guy will be Max Buck.

    He is always saying it is his time. He's always telling Jeremy to help him win. At Victory Road and two weeks ago on iMPACT! that was the plan but Jeremy didn't follow.

    At Victory Road, Jeremy tried to win the Ultimate X and two weeks ago tried to win the six-man tag team match on iMPACT!, only to have Max stop him, yell at him, then lay him out.

    TNA has been building Max Buck more than anyone in this match. He is a good heel and in-ring worker and has been impressing a lot of people as of late.

    My choice: Max Buck 

The Pope vs. Samoa Joe

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    This is another great match.

    The end to the long feud between Samoa Joe and Pope. Both are incredible in the ring and have the skills to steal the show this Sunday, if TNA lets them.

    This match will go back and forth. I just hope it gets an appropriate amount of time with a clean winner.

    I wonder where each will go after their feud. The winner may insert himself into the title picture and definitely should, both are main event material.

    Finally, Joe will have Pope all alone with no where to run and nowhere to hide. I am highly anticipating this match. I like both guys and this is another tough call, but I'm picking Joe as the winner.

    Almost every time these two cross paths, Pope gets the better of Joe. Last iMPACT!

    Pope used brass knuckles to beat Joe in a six man tag match. I think Joe will finally get his revenge on Pope this Sunday.

    My choice: Samoa Joe 

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne

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    The stipulation for this match is: Hair vs. Title

    If Mickie loses this match, then Madison Rayne will shave Mickie's head bald. If Mickie wins, she will make women's wrestling history. She would be the only woman to have ever held the WWE Women's title, Divas title and TNA Knockouts title.

    Rayne beat James a few times already. However, I think Mickie will finally beat Rayne this Sunday.

    Madison held the title for a long time now. Since the iMPACT! after Bound For Glory (10.10.10). I think Tara may also have an effect on this match. I also can't see Mickie getting her head shaved bald.

    My choice: Mickie James 

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

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    This is another tough one to decide...

    Hernandez recently formed his stable, Mexican America and if he loses, it may make his new crew look weak.

    Matt Morgan was main eventing, challenging Jeff Hardy for the World title from November to January. What happened to The Blueprint?

    At Victory Road these two squared off in a First Blood match, which Hernandez cheated to win. Last iMPACT! these two took part in a six man tag team match.

    After the match, Hernandez laid out Morgan with brass knuckles and Mexican America and The Pope stood tall.

    I think that Matt Morgan can afford to lose cleanly here. Morgan needs to lose to keep Mexican America's momentum going. They are a interesting group and have potential.

    Whatever happens at Lockdown, I think this feud will end.

    My choice: Hernandez

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

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    The most heated feud in TNA and possibly professional wrestling today: Angle vs. Jarrett.

    This feud will have its big blowoff match on April 17, Lockdown. This match can steal the show. Angle put on an instant classic at Lockdown 2010 with Mr. Anderson and also had a great match with Double J at Genesis 2009.

    Tazz said on iMPACT! that the big blowout, finale to this feud, will be at Lockdown. With that being said, the obvious choice, for me at least, is Kurt Angle.

    In recent weeks, Jarrett has been the cowardly heel and Angle has been a man on a mission. The Jarretts already ran from Kurt on numerous occasions, but there's no running from a steel cage.

    There is legit bad blood between the two and they have the skills to make this match a "Lockdown Moment."

    I'm highly anticipating this match. Potential match of the night if you ask me.

    My choice: Kurt Angle

Immortal vs. Fortune: Lethal Lockdown

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    Immortal has beaten Fortune every chance they got.

    On iMPACT! there was a best-of-three series between the two teams. Winning team gets the man advantage.

    Matt Hardy defeated Kazarian via submission and Abyss beat James Storm via pin fall. Man advantage: Immortal.

    The last man coming into the match will be representing Fortune. I can imagine, a Fortune member being taken out prior to his entrance, resulting in the return of The Phenomenal One.

    There has been talk of Hulk Hogan joining this match. It's unlikely because it was hyped enough.

    Fortune has been getting destroyed by Immortal every week. I think Fortune will finally get their revenge. They will take one big step in taking back TNA.

    My choice: Fortune

Mr. Anderson vs. Sting vs. RVD

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    These three have been on and off every week. Trading momentum. They've been at each other's throats and Immortal has been watching on the side.

    They have been beating the hell out of each other every week. Hogan keeps trying to recruit RVD, Anderson just stabbed Hulk in the back now has Immortal breathing down his neck. Sting is being Sting and whatnot.

    This is the hardest decision on the card. 

    Anderson? Sting? RVD? TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    I know one thing: There will be a new champion.

    Sting has held the title since March 3 and hardly wrestled since. TNA needs a fighting champion. So that narrows it down to Anderson and RVD.

    Both are former champions. Anderson's reign was BS as it only lasted one month. RVD's reign was great and lasted the entire summer.

    I have no idea who will win.

    RVD is better than Anderson in the ring, but Anderson is better on the mic. 

    I would personally like to see another reign by Rob Van Dam. His last one was cut short and he never actually lost the title. Anderson, I like him, but he lost his belt fair and square. 

    I'm rooting for RVD.

    My choice: Rob Van Dam

The End

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