Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks: Playoffs in the Chi-Town

Chicago Sports NoiseContributor IIIApril 11, 2011

CHICAGO - MAY 07:  Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls acknoledges the crowd prior to dropping the puck for the ceremonial face off prior the Chicago Blackhawks hosting the Vancouver Canucks during Game Four of the Western Conference Semifinal Round of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs on May 7, 2009 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
Chris Chambers/Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks are in. The Chicago Bulls are in.

Regardless of the fact that they may have done so in the most contradictory of styles, they're both ready to embark on their "second season."

The Bulls, in one corner, clinched the highly regarded No. 1 spot on Friday night after the week that was.

To get there, they knocked off two of the Eastern Conference's top teams—the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics—albeit without the NBA equivalent of John Coffee from Green Mile, Magic C Dwight Howard, it was still impressive. The Bulls have looked, for the most part, pristine.

Specifically Derrick Rose, who casually dropped 39 points against Chicago's likely second-round opponent and gave Omer Asik bragging rights from Istanbul to Ankara over the Magic's Hedo Turkoglu.

On the other side of the proverbial coin, the Blackhawks skated into the playoffs (no pun intended) by "the skin of their yellow country teeth." In fact, the only reason there will be any "playoff Hawky" (shoutout @Not_RyanCLind) in the city of Chicago is the NHL's Minnesota team debarring of the Dallas Stars for stealing their franchise in 1993.

I guess you could say that these two Chicago sports mainstays have taken different paths this year, but in many ways still have the same aspirations. Like, for example, the starlet who once paraded around the Times Square TRL set with Carson Daly, Britney Spears and America's new teenage leading lady, Miss Miley Cyrus.

Much like Derrick Rose, Miley has mystified scores of men at a very young age. I mean, if we prosecuted the entire contingency of adults who have fantasized about the formerly 17-year-old Miley "moving her hips like yeaa" in the "Party in the U.S.A" video, Joliet (where the jail is) might suddenly amass a higher population than Second City.

Similarly, D-Rose is about to hang the MVP trophy on his mantle at the tender age of 22—no small feat. But, like Miley, if too much pressure is thrust on Derrick too early, he might succumb to hitting some salvia as the Bulls' championship hopes sink like a silver coin.

(Remember: he did have that "gang sign" picture controversy when he first entered the league, so neither are immune to the paparazzi.)

In the Blackhawks' case, their season has been as capricious as a post-Circus Britney Spears (Circus is an album, she wasn't actually an acting member of the circus). For instance, she hit rock-bottom and went blade to scalp on her dome; an instance that can be seen as comparable to the defending Stanley Cup champions being out of the playoff picture for a decent amount of the year.

Then she somehow resurfaced with the help of someone else (Hawks getting in by way of the Stars collapse) and went on to produce an unintelligible, inauthentic, computer-generated product that started with monologues like, "It's Brittney, b*%#@" that never lived up to her original masterful productions.

I don't watch near enough hockey to throw odds on the Blackhawks playoff chances, but when you can't get up to beat your rival in a must-win with your back against the wall, I'll send my money somewhere else.

As for the Bulls, if the right circumstances fall into place, it all could happen according to plan. But, we all saw what that Billy Ray parenting, divorce and bad haircut fiasco did to a young vixen like Miley.

If things go awry, the Bulls could resemble more of Jonah Hill's version of Cyrus than Miley's.

As for pick of the day in baseball, the Pulse Man likes Ryan Dempster to get off the shnide and out of the dumpster in Houston against the Astros tonight.

I wouldn't say it's a must-win for them, but it's damn close.

Pick of the Day: Cubs @ Astros- CUBS (-129)

Record: (63-51-0)

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