Are the Tennessee Titans For Real?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 7, 2008

I actually like the Tennessee Titans, but I'm hesitant to believe that this team has just changed from a wild card team with no receivers, to an elite team.

Even though Tennessee lost Vince Young in week one, I knew that his injury was irrelevant to the team's true purpose. I even wrote an article about it.

Now this team has proven my point, but there is a difference between being "okay" and being the top team of the AFC.

The Titans still do not have a wide receiver worth a good paycheck. Kerry Collins is a very good quarterback, but he is far from elite. He may have lead the New York Giants to a Super Bowl, but look what happened there. He has no big NFL awards to bolster his credentials, and only one Pro Bowl selection in a 14 year career. I don't think that he is this new savior to the Tennessee Titans—the man has only two touchdowns more than he has interceptions for crying out loud.

I'm not trying to make Titans fans mad, but I suggest you let that wine age a little longer before you break it out in celebration. Lets look at who the Titans have faced this year:

Week One

The Jacksonville Jaguars. Now this where it all started. Vince Young wins the season opener, but gets booed when he gets hurt. Collins finishes the game and is elected to be the starting quarterback.


Week Two

The Cincinnati Bengals. Collins starts his first game of the season and takes on the Cincinnati Bengals. What is the Bengals record again? Was it 0-5 or 0-16?

They haven't won a game, and the only defensive player on that team that actually looks any good to me is the rookie Linebacker Keith Rivers. In fact, I think Keith Rivers could win Defensive Rookie of the Year. That is how bad the defense is if their best guy is a rookie. 

Of course Tennessee is going to score on them, and of course Tennessee's defense is going to keep Cincy from scoring.


Week Three

The Houston Texans. Hello? When has Tennessee ever not stuck it to Houston?

I think that Tennessee makes it a point to stick it to Houston for Vince Young. He came from Houston and was shunned by Houston, so the Titans take every chance they get to humiliate them for it. Plus, What is Houston's record? 0-4 right? How can you call them a challenge?


Week Four

The Minnesota Vikings. I don't care if they have Adrian Peterson, Peterson is one guy. He isn't Gale Sayers where he can elude everyone and win games by himself.

You got to have a passing game to take pressure off the runner. Minnesota still does not have what I would call a solid quarterback. If he was solid, then he'd be throwing touchdown passes more often instead of interceptions.


Week Five

The Baltimore Ravens. I'll just say that Collins almost lost to Ray Lewis again. He was lucky that the Titans defense could pick off Ravens QB Joe Flacco, because his performance was anything but excellent. Two interceptions and one touchdown pass to a tight end.

That proves two points. One, they have no real legitimate receivers, and two, he barely can get past a medium offense. The Ravens may have Joe Flacco, but the running game is inconsistent with injury prone Willis McGahee, and Flacco does not have that power receiver. I knew that game would be low scoring and I'm surprised it exceeded 21 points combined.


Now I'm not trying to say the Titans are bad. I think the Titans are very good, but until they face a high powered offense that is not in shambles, like the Indianapolis Colts or the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the San Diego Chargers, then they are not the No.1 team in the AFC in my opinion.

I think they can prove me wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that they need an offense other than the running game.