Vince Young is out but Titans are okay. Here's why.

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 9, 2008

I like the Titans. I like Vince Young. However is Vince Young the Titans? It doesn't seem like it. Not the way the team appears to be built.

Vince Young astounded me with his leadership and persistence. He threw more interceptions than he did touchdowns last year but still led the team into playoffs. He is in my mind a potential great. However the Titans aren't really helping him.

After drafting Vince Young 3rd overall in the 2006 draft they haven't given him any weapons! Joe Montana and Steve Young had Jerry Rice. Both Mannings have play-makers at receiver. Terry Bradshaw had two hall of famers. What does Vince Young have? Justin Gage? Are you calling him a great receiver? And you can't count Crumpler because he is a tight end.

The Tennessee Titans are old-school. They apparently believe running should be the key to victory instead of passing. I'm not insulting Chris Johnson, but if I had been general manager of the Titans I would have traded my 1st round pick and got a couple of 2nds and pick up some of those receivers that fell through in the draft. They had a chance to get Limas Sweed, a guy who played at UT as one of Young's receivers! I think that kind of history can make these two very good together. But no, they draft a running back instead of giving their quarterback any weapons.

The Titans win games by running the ball and by having the No. 5 defense of last year. It also doesn't hurt that they have a Pro Bowl kicker named Rob Bironas, who won a game by himself with 8 field goals!

The facts are is that this team does not rely heavily on Young like the Patriots did on Tom Brady. When a team is like that, they can afford to lose their quarterback a couple of weeks especially when your backup is good himself. Kerry Collins is a very good quarterback who took the Giants to a Super Bowl and lost only to one of the toughest defenses known to football in the Baltimore Ravens. He is good enough to win games and I think he will win at least 1 of the next 4 if not more.

This Titans team will go far this year in my opinion and the fact that they have Vince Young will make them go farther. But Titan fans, don't panic. 4 weeks is not as long as a season and with Kerry Collins at backup, the Titans will be fine. Start worrying if Lendale White and Chris Johnson get hurt. Vince Young will be back and the Titans still are 1-0.