NFL Week Five Power Rankings, No. 1-10

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst IOctober 7, 2008

Week five of the NFL season saw a certain team continue to look like Super Bowl Champs, a Super Bowl runner-up actually look like a high-flying team, and another team turn their season in a five-minute fourth quarter spurt.

Things were crazy this week, to say the least, but that's how we like our football, isn't it?


1. New York Giants (1) 4-0:

This team looked amazing this past week against Seattle, regardless of the fact that the Seahawks were just getting back their top two receivers. This team is scary good and Domenik Hixon looked like Plaxico Burress reincarnated this past week, or was that Eli Manning that made him look that good?


2. Tennessee Titans (2) 5-0:

Is it scary to think that this team is undefeated and hasn't looked great on offense at all this season? Imagine when they finally are able to click in the passing game and don't have to always rely on that tough defense.


3. Washington Redskins (4) 4-1:

Jason Campbell looks good, Clinton Portis looks like a man on a mission, and they are winning close games against division opponents. All that without a single reception from leading receiver Santana Moss. This team could be a sleeper that is turning into an NFC favorite.


4. Pittsburgh Steelers (6) 4-1:

For being hurt, Big Ben looks like he is the same QB week in and week out. That's a scary thought. Mewelde Moore? I remember when he started quite a few games for Minnesota a few years back and this guy can play. If he is on waivers in your fantasy league, go get him.


5. Dallas Cowboys (7) 4-1:

Jason Witten once again showed why he is more valuable than TO. Witten is among the top five in the league in receptions and yards, and he is a tight end. Some games you have to win ugly over a team that is horrible. It proves your worth, though, when you are still able to come away with a hard-fought win even in a game that isn't your best. A win is a win.


6. Carolina Panthers (8) 4-1:

One week it's Jonathan Stewart, the next it's DeAngleo Williams. How can any run defense make a game plan when the Panthers have what could be considered two feature backs. That defense looked nasty against Kansas City and that's also a pretty scary thought for teams in the NFC.


7. Denver Broncos (10) 4-1:

So they seem to have lost Eddie Royal and Tony Scheffler to injuries, but no doubt Mike Shanahan will find a way to gather this team for their next game. Don't forget they still have Brandon Marshall and a QB looking to prove himself in Jay Cutler.


8. New England Patriots (NR) 3-1:

Did anybody else think Matt Cassell looked an awful lot like Tom Brady when he hit Randy Moss for that huge TD pass? If this team can start clicking like they did against San Francisco, they could be the favorites in the AFC once again.


9. Buffalo Bills (3) 4-1:

A huge tumble for a team that got absolutely spanked this past week in Arizona. Losing Trent Edwards on Buffalo's third offensive play of the game didn't help either. It might be time for JP Losman to try and prove himself to these Buffalo faithful again. The next couple of games for the Bills could be telling on whether or not those first four games were the real deal, or just lightning in a bottle.


10. Arizona Cardinals/Chicago Bears (NR/NR) 3-2/3-2:

Both teams sit here in the 10th spot because of how good they looked this past week.

Who would've though Kyle Orton could actually throw the ball, and does it look like Greg Olson will turn out to be the real deal at tight end?

Will the Cards ever lose at home, +9 turnover ratio at home, -8 on the road. Kurt Warner right now is a top 10 candidate for MVP and rookie Tim Hightower is a beast at the goal line. This Cardinals team could be for real if they can win on the road. They are going to have to...or maybe not. They do play in the NFC West.