Felix Jones Is the Offensive Rookie of the Year

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 6, 2008

That is right people! Running back Felix Jones is my pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Not Darren McFadden. Not Matt Ryan. Not Joe Flacco. Not DeSean Jackson. Felix Jones is, in my opinion, the offensive rookie of the year.

He has impressed everyone with the way he carries himself. He looks more like a veteran than he does a rookie. He even looks like he's 30 with the face he has. Even though he looks 30, he runs like a 20-year old. His explosion and his quickness down the field complements Marion Barber's bruising style.

When you throw Barber in, you expect to stand in his way and not let him take you down, and with Felix Jones, the defense has to switch to the chase and corner mode. He just eats up the field with his speed, making himself look like a top five pick instead of the 22nd pick of last year's draft.

He is also with a team that is known for having their running backs win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Calvin Hill was the first, winning it in 1969, being only the third player to win the prestigious award.

Calvin Hill went on to a successful career as a Dallas Cowboy, winning a Super Bowl title in 1971 and fathering the current NBA Suns star Grant Hill. He also continues to work with the troubled players of the Cowboys and is probably the reason that Dallas can handle players known for getting their hands caught in the cookie jar.

The second person to win it for the Cowboys was one of my all-time favorite players. In 1977, Cowboy Tony Dorsett won the award, along with a Super Bowl title. Tony Dorsett has a place in Canton and is loved by all Cowboys for being the player that put the Cowboys over the top again. This award is overshadowed by his 99-yard touchdown run, but is not forgotten.

The third man to win the award for the Dallas Cowboys is the all-time league rusher. Emmitt Smith won the award in 1990 and foreshadowed his success to come. He was one of the Cowboys' triplets and NFL MVP in 1993, plus he earned three Super Bowl rings for his fingers. He is probably the nicest guy on Fox broadcasting and recently won Dancing with the Stars.

Felix Jones will be in great company if he wins this award, and he should win it. Four touchdowns in five games. Heck, it is difficult for any one player to continuously get touchdowns in every game, but rookie Felix Jones has done it.

I do not count the Cowboys vs. Redskins game, because he wasn't given one offensive touch. He is amazing at what the Cowboys need to do, and he isn't even the starter. That is why he should be Offensive Rookie of the Year.

This man is going to be a Cowboy to remember. He will help the Cowboys achieve their goal. He will be a factor in a Super Bowl run whether this year, next, or after that.

Felix Jones for Offensive Rookie of the Year!