NFL Schedulers Gave Giants an Early Look at The Beast

Anthony Brown@SkinsHogHeavenCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Without intending to, NFL schedulers gave the New York Giants the perfect opportunity to scout their NFC East brethren.

All of the Giants games against Beast teams come in November and December. Meanwhile, they get the opportunity to see how those teams approach—and do damage to—each other.

The Giants hit the Washington Redskins at precisely the right time: the opening weekend when Washington was tuning up its new offense. So far, no other team has beaten the Redskins.

The Giants watched the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys go at each other in a Monday Night thriller on Sept. 15. 

New York was on its bye week when the Redskins unhinged the Cowboys.  They must drool when viewing tape of how Redskins blocking paved the way for 203 yards on the ground against the Eagles' defense yesterday.

What must Brandon Jacobs think as he watches that game film?

The Redskins hung a loss on the Cowboys. And the Redskins and Cowboys and Bears—oh my—knocked the Eagles down three pegs.

New York is the only Beast team with five division games left on their schedule.

Dallas and Philadelphia each have four games left. Washington finished their division road games and have three remaining at home.

The Giants resume division play Nov. 2 at home against the Cowboys followed by the Eagles Nov. 9 in Philly. The Cowboys are a game back of the Giants, thus far, while the Eagles are down three, two within the division.

A one game cushion and roadmaps for beating the Beast should make even Tom Coughlin smile.