Home Away From Home: Steelers Get It Done In Jacksonville

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars played each other on Sunday Night Football. The game comes after a slew of injuries to the Steelers starting lineup.

With all but one running back gone, the Steelers had to make some quick pick ups this week to make up for their lack of backs. They promoted Gary Russell from the practice squad and resigned Najeh Davenport. Both acquisitions turned out well.

There are usually an enormous amount of Steelers fans that attend both home and away games. Well tonights game at Jacksonville was no different. I was actually attending myself, and there were just as many, if not more Steelers fans than Jags fans in the stadium.

You could not tell who was booing and who was cheering. It got so loud on third and fourth downs with both teams fans cheering, that you could not talk to the person next to you.

Throughout the week leading up to tonight's game, there was a lot of speculation as to whether or not Ben Roethlisberger would play. And the weird thing was, Byron Leftwich was Ben's back up, and Leftwich is not well liked around the city of Jacksonville. Roethlisberger started despite nagging injuries to the entire right half of his body.

He began his game with a pick. Rasheed Mathis intercepted a miss-thrown ball and took it all the way to the house to put the Jaguars up 7-0. This did not last long.

Very next Pittsburgh drive, the Steelers, lead by Roethlisberger, tied it up on a short bullet pass to tight end Heath Miller.

Pittsburgh then got another field goal but gave up a TD to Jacksonville making it 14-10 Jags.

Then the Steelers struck back. Ben Roethlisberger pumped faked and confused to Jaguars secondary so much that Nate Washington was allowed to run free downfield. It was a long touchdown pass and you could feel the Jacksonville fans' energy drop tremendously after Pittsburgh took the lead 17-14.

The Steelers tacked on another field goal by the half making it 20-14, Pittsburgh.

The score stayed much the same way throughout the third quarter. But as the fourth quarter began, Jacksonville quickly made it 21-20.

Then with just 5:00 left to play in the game, Ben Roethlisberger drove the Steelers all the way down field to score, making it 26-21 after the incomplete 2-point conversion.

Now it was just time for the defense to finish it up. And they did. The crowd of raging Steelers fans got so loud that the Steelers defense was trying to get them to make more noise! Ina n away game! It obviously worked. Aaron Smith swatted away a 4th-and-14 attempt to end the game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers played great tonight with the support of their fans. Their huge fan base makes most games "home games."