New Orleans Saints Are a Better Team This Year

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 5, 2008

Drew Brees hasn't done much celebrating with the Saints, having only won two games.

But it's better than last year's total games won by the Saints at this time: zero.

That's right.

If you don't remember, the Saints started last season out at 0-4, including a very bad loss to the Colts of Indianapolis.

I feel a lot better about this year's team.

They seem to have cleaned up their defensive issues. They intercepted two passes last week against the San Francisco 49ers, and one of those interceptions was by rookie cornerback Tracy Porter.

Speaking of Porter: He seems to have contributed a lot so far to this team.

After the team benched Jason David in favor of Porter, Porter seems to have fortified the soft defense a little bit. Of course, he has made a few bad plays—including giving up that touchdown against the Redskins which turned out to be the game winner—but I feel a whole lot safer with him than I ever did with Jason David.

Both of the Saints' losses have turned out to be close.

The other teams—Washington and Denver—didn't lead the Saints by over five points when the game ended. Had Martin Gramatica not missed the field goal in Denver, the Saints might have won that game.

The interceptions while playing Washington were purely bad luck. Neither of them were Drew Brees' fault. Both of them were tipped by the potential receivers, and Washington had a man there that happened to be at the right place at the right time.

On Monday night, we will get a true look at the Saints' running defense when they take on Minnesota in a nationally-televised game.

Stay tuned to see if the Saints can keep Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor from running wild and free.