San Diego Chargers: The Coaches Are Holding The Team Back

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIOctober 5, 2008

Under Marty Schottenheimer, the Chargers had a tough guy attitude.  Their motto was "we're better than you, stop us." 

Under Norv Turner, the motto is "we're better than you, but we're going to try to fool you anyway."  The Chargers are out thinking themselves.

Under Schottenheimer, the offense simply ran over teams.  On defense, they got up on receivers and stormed into the backfield.  Opponents basically had to adjust what the Chargers did offensively and defensively.

Under Turner and Ted Cottrell, the Chargers are waiting to see what their oppent is doing and coming back out in the second half and storming back.  Teams are getting a free pass in the first half and then have to hold on in the second half.

I'm sitting back watching the Chargers take on the Dolphins and really the only thing they needed to do is run the ball down the Dolphins' throats.  They were blowing the Fins off the ball every time they ran it up the middle.  Instead, Norv has the Bolts trying to fool Miami and is running screen plays and stretch plays on second and third and short.

Nobody's fooled.  Miami is dominating this one and it looks like San Diego's lucky streak may come to an end.

Norv Turner simply doesn't know what to do with this much talent.  He gets out-coached in the first half every week.  Why should the Chargers even game plan?  It's not working at all.  The Chargers have been behind going into halftime seven out of the last eight games!  With this much talent, that is completely unacceptable. 

When the team cuts loose in the second half and is allowed to play their game (after playing the coaches game in the first half and getting dominated), the Bolts windup dominating their opponent. 

If the Chargers had said, "you know what Miami, we're better than you and we're going to stuff it down your throats" they may have done better in the first half.  Instead they tried to get cute and got stuffed.

Say what you will about Schottenheimer, but you can bet your bottom dollar San Diego wouldn't be trying to run a ridiculous stretch play on second and one.

At this point, I don't care whether Turner turns this team around and they win in the playoffs, or even the Super Bowl.  Norv Turner is not the right coach for this team and Ted Cottrell is not the right defensive coordinator. 

After seeing this nonsense to begin the season for the second straight year, it's obvious those guys are simply getting outcoached and the superior talent of the Chargers is keeping them in games.

Lets be realistic, Norv Turner is not in danger of being dismissed, but he is simply not adding anything to the Chargers as a coach.  Lets take a look at the first half of the Chargers last eight games:

Halftime vs Tennessee Titans: Titans lead 0-6

Halftime vs Indianapolis Colts: Colts lead 10-7

Halftime vs New England Patriots: Patriots lead 14-9

Halftime vs Carolina Panthers: Panthers lead 9-7 after being up 9-0 and it could have been more.

Halftime vs Denver Broncos: Broncos lead 31-17 after being up 21-3!

Halftime vs New York Jets: Chargers lead, surprisingly, 31-14

Halftime vs Oakland Raiders: Raiders lead 15-0

Halftime vs Miami Dolphins: Miami (!) lead 17-3

That folks, is bad coaching.  Looking at those numbers, there is NO WAY Norv Turner and Ted Cottrell are getting it done. 

Any success the Bolts have, I'm sorry, it's the players not the coaches.