The Demise Of The Cowboys Has Begun

Ben KnoeckContributor IOctober 4, 2008

Terrell Owens is in his third year with the Cowboys. He snaked his way around problems and/or comments made about coaches/teammates, to the effect of a three year extension on the final year of his contract. Bill Parcels obviously thought T.O. was not worth much to him, or the offense he ran.

Instead of catching mad TD's under Parcels leadership, T.O. was allegedly over-dosing on vitamins. Vitamins? Really. In his second season with the Cowboys, first under Phillips, T.O. had a very productive season, which happens every year T.O. if on a team with Super Bowl potential.

Now, after four weeks, T.O. is crying about not getting the ball enough in a winning effort against the Packers, and a losing effort against the rival Redskins. He has a point about the former. He had to catches against the Packers, and was ignored through most of the second have besides a late fly route that seemed to scream "we need T.O. to score...or else".

The following week he got 17 targets in the pass game, and two in the ground. Who gives a 35/36 year old man the ball on an end around? I know he's got mad power, and a bit of speed left but those plays are going for negative yards 9/10 times there run.

Result, T.O. cried about not getting the ball, and later said he was just upset about loosing. Yo T.O., everyone is upset when they lose. They all think they are talented enough to be a larger part of the teams game plan. They just don't feel the need to have a press conference, throw on some huge shades, and tell anyone who'll listen that they need the ball more.

T.O., your my favorite non-Packer, your life on and off the field was moving along nicely. Don't mess it up cause your on a team that mirrors the Pats of '08, understand there's too much talent around for you to get 20 TD's...a week.

Unfortunately for all Cowboy fans, the problems T.O. is going to rise this season will be the demise of your team. It doesn't matter if Romo acts like he can shrug off throwing int's and fumbling field goals, and controversy about his beau. T.O. is bigger, badder, and owns more of that start filled locker room than Romo.

If T.O. doesn't get four TD's in the next four weeks I strongly believe he will be all the rave for all the wrong reason.