WWE: You Know You Watch Too Much Wrestling When...(Final Edition)

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 31, 2011

Let's get straight to the point:

You know you watch too much wrestling when:

20. You purposely blade while shaving.

19. You demand four weeks of video promos of you be shown to anyone before meeting them for the first time.

18. You start referring to the San Francisco Giants right-fielder as 'Dashing' Cody Ross.

17. You walk up to an actual blind person and tell them, "You Can't See Me!"

16. You go out in public in your underwear.

15. You switch schools, swearing that that your old principal screwed you.

14. You begin dating your bosses daughter, hoping it will lead to a big promotion.

13. You get kicked off of the school wrestling team for choke-slamming your opponent.

12. You lose a job and you change your name and look before starting a new one.

11. You refer to a quickie as a 'squash match.'

10. You bet on the outcome of wrestling matches.

9. Your king-size bed has ropes and turnbuckles surrounding it.

8. You hope that Jim Ross would call your sexual encounters.

7. Someone rides a bike past you and you receive a sudden urge to clothesline them off of it.

6. You slap your girlfriend's butt and yell, 'Woooooo!'

5. You do the Orton pose while receiving oral stimulation.

4. When you go up to receive your high school diploma, you demand that the principal raise your arm.

3. You join the school wrestling team and ask, "Where's the ring?"

2. You never get laid because you claim you won't lay down for anybody.

And the top reason you know you watch too much wrestling...

1. You tell your significant other, "Not tonight, I'm watching Raw!" 


This has been a very fun series to put together and I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed the first edition, here's the link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/644890-wwe-you-know-you-watch-too-much-wrestling-when.

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