Ten Things That Will Happen This Weekend: Week Six

Ned DuttonCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2008

I'm writing this a little later than I usually do on Fridays, so I apologize—I am a college student, after all, and while I love writing these weekly predictions I do need to keep my priorities straight.

Anyway, let's get right to it. Last week was miserable. There's no getting around it - I'm in a slump, and Tebow now has a pretty commanding lead. Here's what went down last week:

  • Wells and Pryor only accounted for 273 all-purpose yards. Bummer. (-1)
  • Javon Ringer had a great game against Indiana, accumulating 198 yards and vaulting himself into the short list of serious Heisman contenders. (+1)
  • Notre Dame definitely did not go to their corner. Purdue should be embarassed. I certainly am. (-1)
  • At halftime, Michigan was down 19-0. I was giddy—as I said last week, my morale significantly improves when Michigan loses. Then the second half happened. (-1)
  • For the first quarter, it looked as though Penn State and Illinois would accumulate 80 points for sure. Then, a pulse appeared in the Penn State defense. (-1)
  • Washington, what the heck? You nearly pull that upset against BYU, play Oklahoma, get a bye week, and then LOSE AT HOME to Stanford? I was totally on your bandwagon, and you treated me like that...we're done. (-1)
  • West Virginia covered the spread handily. (-1)
  • Duke killed Virginia. Maybe they could beat Ohio State. (+1)
  • I totally should've gone with the special teams touchdown in the UGA/Bama game instead of the defensive touchdown. (-1)
  • Corso didn't pick Georgia. Obviously it worked out for him, but I really think the only reason he did it was because he was jealous Kirk picked Georgia first and got to play with UGA. (-1)

"Houston, we have a problem." Let's see here, last week, Tebow was beating me 5-4. After this week's embarrassing 2/10 effort, I lost 6 points. Tebow, on the other hand, had 3 total touchdowns (1 passing, 2 rushing). After five weeks, the scoreboard reads...

  • Tim Tebow: 8
  • Ned Dutton: -2

That's right. I am losing by 10 points. If Beanie Wells can announce that he's not actually out of the Heisman race, I guess I can announce that I'm not out of this unofficial competition Tebow has no idea exists. So I'm down, but I'm not out. I'll come back...you'll see.

So, without further ado, Ten Things That Will Happen This Weekend:


1. There will be an upset in the Big 12.

Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas Tech, Texas, and Missouri all play on the road this week, and Oklahoma and Texas could get caught in the dreaded look-ahead game. I'm not smart enough to tell you which team(s) will get upset, but I think I'm smart enough to tell you that one of them will.


2. Illinois will beat Michigan.

There's no way Michigan can pull off two straight victories, right? They got lucky last week—at least that's what I'm telling myself. Illini by 10.


3. Jarrett Dillard will score a Touchdown.

In case you've missed it, Rice QB Chase Clement and WR Jarrett Dillard have connected for 41 touchdowns, breaking the previous NCAA record for career touchdowns by a QB/WR combo. I say they make it at least 42 this weekend when the Owls visit Tulsa.


4. Rice and Tulsa will combine for at least 80 points.

Last week, I made this exact prediction for the Illinois/Penn State game. Obviously, it turned out to be far from the truth, but this week I am much more confident.

Tulsa comes in averaging 54.8 ppg (most in NCAA), and Rice comes in averaging 41.2 (which includes a 10 point performance at Texas). Think video-game numbers, people.


5. Northwestern will be ranked.

The 'Cats don't play this weekend, which means they can't lose. They currently are sitting pretty at 26 in the Coaches' Poll, so should one of the teams above them stumble (Oklahoma State?), Northwestern might see itself ranked for a week.


6. Terrelle Pryor will show Mark May he can handle the big stage.

Ever since Pryor's recruitment/signing charades, May has been overly critical of the 18 year old, and Pryor called May out on last week.

Going into a boisterous, borderline dangerous environment in Madison at night and emerging with a victory will help quiet May for awhile—especially since Pitt won last night, and May will be too giddy to really notice anything else for awhile.


7. Beanie Wells will not re-enter the Heisman race.

Earlier this week, Wells spoke pretty candidly about his desire to win the Heisman Trophy. While Wells does have a point—the trophy should reward the "best player in College Football," not the "best player on the best team," Wells hasn't proved he is even the best back in the Big Ten right now, let alone best player in the nation.

There is almost nothing Wells can do to put himself in a position to be seriously mentioned in the same sentence as Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford, and Ringer right now. Sorry Beanie.


8. Javon Ringer will rush for at least 175 yards.

Speaking of Ringer, his assault on opposing defenses will continue this week as Michigan State hosts Iowa. For those of you not keeping track at home, take a look at Ringer's last four games:

  • 34 carries, 135 yards, 5 tds
  • 43 carries, 282 yards, 2 tds
  • 39 carries, 201 yards, 2 tds
  • 44 carries, 198 yards, 1 td

Simple math tells me that Ringer is averaging 40 carries and 204 yards over his last four games. That deserves a collective "Wow." This man is a workhorse, and no matter how much you think you can slow him down in the first half, guess what - you're still going to see a good 20-25 plays featuring No. 23. Good luck, Hawkeyes.


9. UCONN/UNC will be one of the most entertaining games of the weekend.

There's no way I can say it will be the single most entertaining game of the weekend, because that's just stupid, but what I'm trying to say is that this should be a heckuva game.

UCONN just lost QB Tyler Lorenzen, but don't count them out - they still have the nation's rushing leader, Donald Brown. Meanwhile, UNC is fighting for ACC pride and a chance to climb their way into the rankings - remember, this Tar Heel team is thisclose to being 4-0, if not for a fourth quarter collapse against Virginia Tech two weeks ago.

Basically, this will be a matchup of two up-and-coming teams eager to take another major step in the right direction. Regardless of who you root for, take note of the players in this game, because you'll be hearing their names more and more as time goes on.


10. Corso will pick Vanderbilt.

He's not going to give you a good reason why he'll pick them, so I i'm not going to give you a good reason why I'm picking him to pick them.


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