NFL Week 5 Pick'em

Kevin RobertsSenior Writer IOctober 25, 2016

Like every NFL season after four weeks, you start to wonder which teams are for real, and which are just pretenders. You hope your hometown team is better than it really is, your arch rival isn't as good as Chris Berman says he is, and that lucky or not, you win in your fantasy football league.

The truth is, the only thing that's certain in the NFL today is uncertainty. Receivers who are perennial defense torchers like Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, and Chad Johnson are just shells of their former selves, while guys like Braylon Edwards are guessed to be one-hit-wonders. Can the Colts and Browns get things headed in the right direction, and can Holt and Johnson guide their teams to their first win?


1. Titans @ Ravens

The Titans are a very balanced team that attacks the opposing offense and doesn't turn the ball over. The question is, how long can Kerry Collins go before Baltimore's defense rattles him? Ravens in a close one, 20-16.


2. Chiefs @ Panthers

These two teams are exact mirror images of each other when it comes to overall record, and home/road record. The Panthers will stop Larry Johnson dead in his tracks and jump to 4-1 in a 33-16 beat-down.


3. Bears @ Lions

What makes anyone, especially the Lions, think they can beat the Bears, simply because they're playing at home? Matt Forte runs all over a team that can't run the ball, in a 30-6 stomping.


4. Falcons @ Packers

If Aaron Rodgers plays, he should be able to do enough to keep the game interesting, but without a good running game, I think Atlanta steals it in overtime, 27-21. If Matt Flynn plays, it's over before halftime.


5. Colts @ Texans

I feel bad for Matt Schaub and the Texans. Just when things were looking good, they had to face Jacksonville, and now Manning and the Colts. Texans drops to 0-4 in a close 27-24 loss.


6. Chargers @ Dolphins

If everything went perfectly, the Chargers could be undefeated right now, and the Dolphins could be 3-1. So, with that said, this game should be a lot closer than anyone thinks. Still, the Chargers are the better team. They get it, 34-24.


7. Seahawks @ Giants

I'm picking Seattle for two reasons. First, New York doesn't play great at home. And second, I just don't think Seattle's offense is as bad as everyone wants it to be. Seattle wins 24-16.


8. Redskins @ Eagles

The Redskins have yet to win a game by more than a touchdown, while the Eagles have yet to truly prove they're a better than average team. The Eagles need this game to keep the NFC East the best division in football. Philly, 27-9.


9. Buccaneers @ Broncos

Who plays better defense? Exactly. Bucs win 24-20.


10. Bills @ Arizona

All I've been hearing is how poorly the Bills are going to play in the heat of the desert. And I couldn't agree more. Kurt Warner will have a rebound game (if you can call it that) and the Cards' pull back above .500 in a 27-17 win.


11. Bengals @ Cowboys

I can't say why, but I get the strange feeling Cincy won't be going 0-5. Bengals win a massive offensive explosion, 47-43.


12. Patriots @ 49ers

While it might not be that impressive, New England will take care of J.T. O'Sullivan and the Niners', 21-10.


13. Steelers @ Jaguars

The Jaguars are going to play Pittsburgh's ugly game, all the way to another Josh Scobee field goal, in a 20-19 victory.


14. Vikings @ Saints

Reggie Bush and the Saints will send Minnesota into the land of no return in a shootout, 34-31.