Kansas City Chiefs: Interview With Bob Gretz:- Four Games Down

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2008

I was lucky enough to get together with Bob Gretz again to ask him some questions about the Chiefs. Gretz talks about the Chiefs record, the QB situation, and Tony Gonzalez’s recent comments regarding the record he didn’t break last Sunday against Denver.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: What do you think of the Chiefs record so far and do you think it is a proper indication of where they are at as a football team?

Bob Gretz: I think 1-3 is a good representation of where they are in this rebuilding process. I think the disappointing thing for everyone was how poorly they played across the board against Oakland and in the first half against Atlanta. They could have played better football and still been 1-3, but that’s what happens with young, inexperienced football teams.

Kansas City Chiefs Football: Damon Huard look pretty good against Denver, do you think that if he continues to win that he will be the starter even when Croyle is ready come back?


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