WWE BREAKING NEWS: WWE Superstar and Trainer Finlay Is Released After a Decade

LewisAnalyst IIIMarch 29, 2011

No more Fighting in WWE For Irishman Finlay
No more Fighting in WWE For Irishman Finlay

Former WWE wrestler and current producer, Fit Finlay, has been released from the company. The decision came after an incident at a WWE house show drew the ire of fans and a promotional partner.

At a recent WWE house show, The Miz interrupted the United States' national anthem. While this seems like nothing more than the sign of a heel, the boos were reportedly pretty loud.

The loudest boos apparently came from members of the National Guard in attendance that night. The National Guard is currently a major partner with World Wrestling Entertainment. The representatives felt it was a sign of disrespect rather than part of the show.

Finlay was the producer for that particular show and therefore took the blame and the punishment mandated by WWE—ultimately he was fired due to the incident.

Although he isn't a regular WWE Superstar, he would occasionally do house shows as well as train aspiring WWE Superstars and producers.

He is well liked backstage and the feeling supposedly is that people hope he returns to the organization to continue his role as producer.

But for now, "Fit Finlay" is no longer fit for the WWE.