Dubz Is Thinking: Hell Hath Frozen Over, Devil Fish Are Pissed

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

Contributor: James “Dubz” Cross is a fantasy football blogging veteran, hip hop head and BBQ master. You can find him on a regular basis on his blog DoubleDanger.com.

I know it was more wishful thinking than anything, but I did call the Skins win over the Cowboys last week.  So send your digital HI-5(s) via the comment section of this post - unless your a Cowboys fan… in that case, send your hate-mail via the same method. 

I was amongst other Redskins fans when the dagger was placed deep in the heart of the Cowboys late in the game… a feeling that is hard to explain, but I will try my best.

Imagine getting a phone call from the government that said you didn’t have to pay taxes ever again.  After the phone call you turned around to tell your wife and she was standing scantily clad and proclaiming her love for you and football at the same time.  After a quick romp in your favorite recliner, the pizza guy hot chick shows up with your favorite pizza flavor and says there was a mistake and it was free.  Your wife shows back up with a keg of beer from the back and she gets upset with the pizza girl being there and being hot… so she challenges her to a mud wrestling match (and you so happen to have a pit in the other room).  She accepts and you sit back and watch, drunk, full of food and your favorite team is winning.  Your wife wins and goes on to be a full-time mud wrestler where you are her coach and have to attend each event.

Something like that…  I haven’t really thought about it much.  ;)  Let’s just say it was a good feeling.  Let’s get on with the rest… we won’t touch on it much more.  I know how Cowboys’ fans can get… well actually they are probably the same as when any other team gets beat by their rival.  It hurts, and they lash out.  Believe me, I know it all to well… remember, I’m a ‘Skins fan.


I luckily didn’t listen to folks when they were saying to avoid LJ this year.  In fact I was able to get him as a #2 back on one of my teams, and I thought after a few weeks that I would be sending him to the bench.  However, something told me to start him this past week - and am I glad that I did.  I think the Chiefs might have figured out that their success is dependent on LJ getting his carries.  Same with my fantasy team. 

“Brett Favre Single-Handedly Murdered Entire Fantasy Teams This Week.”

My opponent didn’t have him, luckily… but I know there were some out there hurting because of some guy that was supposed to be mowing his yard with his tractor this season.  I love Brett Favre… not in that way, but in a football sense.  I love what he brings to the game, I love his passion.  No matter how old he is… what injury he might have… I HATE to see him on the other side of the matchup come Sunday.  He might throw 2 INTs, but there might be 5 TDs sitting right next to it.  Wonder how many NFL teams don’t even have 6 passing TDs at this point for the season?  Too many I’m sure.  How many of you guys/gals reaped the benefits of Brett’s big day?

“Sometimes I Think The NFL Bases Who Wins & Loses On Who I Bet On.”

After starting off hot as ever this season on the betting front… I have got killed the last two weeks.  Broncos have been a great bet for me the first two weeks… or at least taking the OVER on the game.  Worse case I could tease the Broncs, Titans, Skins, Eagles and some other team that made sense and make some money… but here we are back to the Broncos screwing up my bets.  I know what some people are saying… the only sure bet is to not bet at all.  But what fun is that crap?  haha  No fun at all.  I did get into betting on player and team props, which is kind of cool.  “Will Big Ben be sacked OVER/UNDER  2 times?”  Duh.  Money in the bank.  Anyone else having gambling woes?  Or is anyone having a great season so far?

“I Know I Said I Wasn’t Going To Get Into It, But I am Going To.”

So honestly I’m still in shock that the Redskins won on Sunday.  I mean there was talk of how the ‘Boys could go undefeated, and how great they were.  I can tell you as a Skins fan, I couldn’t help but feel like they could possibly be that good as well.  But the team that we played on Sunday was different.  In a bad way, if your a Cowboys’ fan.  The lack of running really screwed the pooch.  Marion Barber is one of the best second half runners in football (if not the best), and he touched the ball 3 times in the second half against the Redskins.  3 TIMES.  Felix Jones didn’t touch a ball from scrimmage.  ZERO.  I understand when you are down and need to catch up… but the Cowboys are not the Browns.  They win games by running the ball.  They lacked that component on Sunday.  Yes, the Skins DEF is pretty good against the run… but how would you know by running it so few times?

“Sell ‘Em High And Let ‘Em Fly.”

So did you get rid of “The Burner” yet?  Still waiting?  One week he is good, one week horrible.  I would rather have a consistent mediocre back and an upgrade at another position… but that is just me.  I just worry about ATL getting tired of it too and starting to spread the ball around to Norwood a little more.  That dude breaks one every game it seems like.  Or at least if he gets 5 carries, one is over 20 yards.  I hope Phillip Rivers isn’t one of those Sell ‘Em High guys, because I just bought him high… and last week he sucked compared to weeks before.  I think some of you should snatch up Mewelde Moore and after a few games sell him high as well.  Remember he was gold a few seasons back with the Vikings, before all the chaos.  I remember selling him awfully high prior to his meltdown, this might be another one of those situations.

We are past the quarter pole… I hope your season has produced lots of points and your opponents have petered out along the way.  What a season already, I can’t even imagine what its going to be like from here on out.  Good luck and happy footballing!  Go SKINS!  haha j/k Cowboys (I just had to get one more in before we head to Philly).