The Glory Days are Near

greg pitschSenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

This is some bye week huh? Al Davis didn't stop at just saying why Kiffin was let go, he then went on to say that the Patriots tampered with Randy Moss. Al, I want you to know, that I am in full support of you, and your descisions. Every thing you have done is within your due rights as owner, and president of football operations. Don't ever back down, and always remember, this is your team. A strong, fast, young, and soon to be a dominant force in the AFC West.



Now that I have got my praise to Mr. Davis out of the way, I want to look into my crystal ball, and try to see what is next for my beloved Raiders. First I had to wipe it down a bit, after all the smudges from the Bills, and Chargers, and fill in the crack left by Lane "Never in the NFL again" Kiffin.



Lane Kiffin started to turn this team around, and has basically handed Tom Cable the keys to a good team. The Oakland Raiders are 1-3 overall, and 1-2 in the AFC West. They by all means can become a surprise team in the second half of this season. After this bye week, the next five weeks they have a schedule that presents them no team like San Diego, nor Buffalo. Remember, the Bills are one of three undefeated teams left in the whole league. And we all know why San Diego is not 4-0.



Just looking at the last three games, our defense has shutdown the opposing offense in the first three quarters of the game. In the first half alone in the three games in question, we have only aloowed 271 yards, while forcing 5 turnovers, and a safety, and only allowing one touchdown. The Touchdown came off of a fumble by JaMarcus Russell. In mentioning this, I am praising our defense, even though they couldn't seal the deal due to an battered backfield.


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