Arizona Rattlers Week 3 Preview vs. the Tulsa Talons

Tyson AbaroaContributor IMarch 25, 2011

WR Trandon Harvey
WR Trandon HarveyGene Lower/Getty Images

The Arizona Rattlers are poised to take command of their division as they slither into Tulsa to take on the Talons.

In the last decade, the Rattlers have not started any season 2-0. This year, they are tied with the San Jose Sabercats for the early division lead and could have the opportunity they need to take it early.

The Talons have a two-game losing streak to start to their season and will be looking for their first victory. Their only problem is they may not have the team necessary to hold off the Rattlers' attack on any side of the ball.

The Talons have a team of inexperience that has only scored 87 points in the last two games. That's would be the lowest points total for a team in their division if the barnstormers didn’t have a humble 28 points to start their season.

However, they do lead their division in the most points allowed. Statistically speaking, the Talons will have their hands full against the Rattlers.

But we know statistics only speak six days out of the week during the season.

When the Rattlers take the field, they will have all the tools necessary to craft a blowout. With record-breaking Rod Windsor back to support quarterback Nick Davila and fellow receiver Trandon Harvey, the Rattlers should be all over the field, leaving the Talons in their wake.

The Rattlers defense leads their division by allowing only 83 points after two games and were the major force behind last week’s win against the Mustangs. With coach Kevin Guy masterminding the assault, the Talons may have to wait another week before getting that win they need.

The stars have aligned, and with the San Jose Sabercats facing the Chicago Rush, the division lead is up for grabs.

With the Rush only allowing 69 points after two games, they may do the job for the Rattlers and hand them an early lead. The Rattlers need to obtain that lead early, because if the Sabercats win, then the story will flip flop next week when the Rattlers face the Orlando Predators and the Sabercats should steamroll the Iowa Barnstormers.