MMA Fans and Fighters: The Top 5 Things I Hate About MMA

David KimContributor IIApril 19, 2011

MMA Fans and Fighters: The Top 5 Things I Hate About MMA

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    From my experiences, it seems like a lot of MMA fans have negative things to say about other sports, but are blind when it comes to MMA.

    The fact is, there are more problems with MMA than any other sport I can think of.  Although it's a relatively new sport in North America, MMA will need to address these problems if they expect to be accepted as "mainstream."

    So here's the top five things I hate about MMA.

No. 5: Dana White

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    Exactly when did Dana White become Mr. Tough Guy? If he's not bashing other promotions (and their fighters), he's busy trying to convince us that what he says about anything related to MMA is the truth.

    It wasn't too long ago that White was rambling on and on about how "bush league" Strikeforce was and how all their fighters are "cans."  As we all know, the parent company of the UFC (Zuffa) has purchased their competitor and all the bashing has stopped.

    Interesting.  Why would Zuffa want a promotion full of fighters that White has already addressed as "second class?"

    White's success has mainly to do with the type of fans that the UFC attracts.  He's a classless, immature promoter that will hinder MMA from becoming what it strives to be, a mainstream sport.

No. 4: Friends Not Fighting Friends

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    In what other sport do we see friends refusing to compete against each other?

    What if Roger Federer refused to play against Raphael Nadal because of their friendship? What if Tiger Woods refused to enter any tournament in which his friend, Phil Mickelson, was also entering?

    If these fighters want to be treated as serious professional athletes, they'd better starting acting like it.

No. 3: The UFC Fan

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    Ahh, the UFC fan.  You know the type.  A lot of them aren't even aware that other MMA organizations exist.  They watch Showdown Joe and hang off every word coming out of Dana White's mouth. 

    If you're offended by this, chances are you're a prime example.

    They think that they know more about the technicalities of fighting and try to convince you that a boring ass fight is actually exciting.

    If you're still unsure of whom I'm talking about, sit outside the Rogers Centre for UFC 129—you'll see some.

No. 2: Fighters Being Allowed to Choose Their Opponents

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    It's not so much about choosing their opponents, but more about not accepting fights against certain ones. 

    What is this?

    Imagine if the Lakers could refuse to play the Celtics in a playoff game because their style didn't match up well against them.

No. 1: "Point" Fighters

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    Look no further than the G.S.P Club to identify who these "point fighters" are. 

    These fighters are starting to pop up like weeds, and if it continues, it will be the main catalyst for the death of MMA.

    Unless the scoring criteria or rules change, more and more fighters will adopt this style of fighting as the up and comers are noticing that even G.S.P Club members can earn a good paycheck.