A Giant Trade Idea: Tony Gonzalez in Blue?

David GellerAnalyst IOctober 1, 2008

After the first month of the season, it appears Jerry Reese’s decision to trade Jeremy Shockey has been vindicated in a sense.

Shockey had several catches for the Saints, but wasn’t providing much of a spark to their offense. Then he suffered a sports hernia and will be out through November.

While it’s nice to see Reese’s bold move may have been the right one, why shouldn’t the Giants be greedy? They play in the toughest division in the league, and while their schedule is a cakewalk up through the end of October, things get really rough for the defending champs.

If Burress continues to be moody on and off the field and Boss continues to be irrelevant in the passing game, the Giants may be in need of another weapon. Enter Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez continues to put up monstrous numbers year in and year out as quietly as a mouse. He had 99 catches last year in that inept Chiefs passing game.

The Giants realized when they were trading away Shockey that they were giving away a valuable asset, but that was offset by the fact he was boom or bust on his route running and possible trouble in the huddle. The Giants would have none of those problems if they were to acquire Gonzalez.

Kevin Boss has replaced Shockey quietly, which may be a relief to all of those involved with the Giants, but still leaves something to be desired. Despite his huge touchdown late in the game against the Bengals, he has been non-existent in the passing game and has been adequate in the running game. Aside from the opening game against the Redskins, running has not been as easy as usual for the Giants this year.

Gonzalez can change that. He can simultaneously open up the passing game and sure up the running game.

While the Giants defense is still superb, they do not possess the ability to take over games like they did throughout January. They will need the offense to control games through the intermediate and long game. There is no denying that their running game may be one of the best in the league, but passing has always left something to be desired for Big Blue. With a weapon like Gonzalez, the Giants would be able to unleash their playmakers in more isolated coverage downfield with the attention on Gonzalez. Kevin Boss is a nice kid, but he can't do that.

A couple of weeks back, Gonzalez hinted that he would be happy with a trade to a contender, ala Jason Taylor.

"Yeah. I definitely could [envision the potential for a trade to another team], but I love being a Chief," Gonzalez said. "But if it was something where it was going to take three or four years or whatever before they get this thing right, I think it would be in their best interest to maybe see what they can get and send me off."

The Giants have a great thing going right now. They have a talented squad coming off a Super Bowl championship that is hungrier then ever. They play in a division that may play host to four of the best teams in the league. They could use any edge they can get right now. With compensatory picks, they will be more than set in the 2009 draft. So the question is, why not use a couple of them to get one of the best tight ends in the league?

The answer: nothing.