TNA: 10 Possible Feuds for New TV Champion, Gunner

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2011

TNA: 10 Possible Feuds for New TV Champion, Gunner

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    This past iMPACT we all saw TNA finally take the TV title off the injured "Monster" Abyss. What did Hogan and Bischoff do? Put three Immortal members in a match for the gold. 

    Gunner vs. Murphy vs. Rob Terry

    Gunner came out of the match as the winner and the new TV Champion.

    I have become a big fan of Gunner's since his match and been thinking about who will challenge him for the belt next.

    I thought of 10 possible people, and I'm going to share them with you.

    Let's get started! 


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    This is unlikely since both guys are part of Immortal, but hear me out.

    When Gunner, Murphy and Terry were in Bischoff's office, Bischoff said, "May the best man win." Murphy can be upset about Gunner winning and claim that he is the better man and wants a rematch.

    Both are big men and can work well together. Who wouldn't want to see these two in a match against each other?


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    Again, it's unlikely because they're both in Immortal.

    Abyss never lost the TV title and can return, angry at Bischoff for forcing him to give it up. Abyss will rant about how he never lost the belt (Like RVD does) and wants a match.

    Gunner vs. Abyss would be a decent match and if Gunner can hit Abyss with his finishing move, that would make for a great spot.

Douglas Williams

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    Former TV Champ, Douglas Williams may want another run as champion.

    He lost to Abyss at Genesis early this year and can make the argument that he wasn't ready for Abyss. (Abyss filled in for an injured AJ Styles.) Douglas would have to prove he is worthy of a match and possibly beat some other guys to get to Gunner.

    I think Douglas Williams and Gunner can put on a good match together. Up the ante and add the TV title to the mix and you've got yourself a pay-per-view quality match. 


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    Most people were expecting Abyss to return and attack Crimson, starting a feud over the TV title. Now that the belt is off Abyss, why not have Crimson go after it anyway?

    Crimson is a young, big, talented addition to the TNA roster. We're all waiting for his time in the spotlight. Now is his chance.

    He has already been a pain in Immortal's side in the past and he can do it again by taking their only title away from them.


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    Why not Devon?

    TNA has nothing for him right now. Bully Ray moved onto bigger and better things in moving into the World title picture and joining Immortal.

    Now it's Devon's turn to make a move and that move should be towards the TV title, starting his singles career in TNA off slowly but constructively. Devon would make an interesting opponent for Gunner.

    Bully Ray moved on, Devon should too.


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    Anyone else think Kazarian should move up the card and not stay in the X Division?

    Kazarian has been in the X Division for too long and is ready to take the next step in his career: the TV title.

    If Fortune really wants all the gold then Kazarian should go after the TV title and Fortune should recruit Jay Lethal for the X Division title. It works perfectly. Jay Lethal was kicking Fortune's ass all summer long and went nowhere. Fortune can now see his potential and let him join. Lethal is also a TNA original and helped build the company too.

    Kazarian been in TNA too long and hasn't moved past the X Division. Now's the time.

Jay Lethal

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    If what I said on the previous slide doesn't work out, then give Lethal the chance.

    As I said, Lethal was kicking some Fortune ass all summer long. He beat Beer Money in a one-on-two handicap match, he beat Kazarian, Desmond Wolfe, AJ Styles and Ric Flair in singles matches.

    Where is he now?

    Still in the X Division and barely on iMPACT.

    Am I a Jay Lethal fan? Damn right I am.

    Lethal's feud with Fortune was supposed to give him a boost up the card. That didn't happen. 

    Lethal can come out one night on iMPACT and say he is done with the X Division and is moving up in TNA. He can then call out TV Champion, Gunner. 

Samoa Joe

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    The Pope and Joe feud has been going on long enough. It'll most likely end at Lockdown.

    But what will happen to either man after their feud?

    Pope has a better chance of moving towards the main event because of his mic skills and because he doesn't have a weird sidekick following him around.

    However, Joe will be able to challenge Gunner. Imagine a match between the two.

The Pope

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    I'd rather see Pope main event, but hey, a TV title reign would be good too.

    Hopefully Pope beats Joe and ends their feud and moves up on the card. If not, the TV title is open for challenges.

    If Pope were to lose at Lockdown he'll get angry. He can say things aren't working out for him and he hasn't won a Championship belt in his career. He says he'll start off slowly, taking baby steps and challenge the TV Champion, Gunner.

    These two can have a mini-feud for the belt until Pope eventually wins.


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    Yes, Rob Van Dam.

    It's unlikely since RVD is an established main-eventer, but my reason makes sense.

    RVD is the longest reigning ECW TV Champion. He held the title for 700 days! He owns TV titles! He may be willing to defend it every week like TNA said they would (Has yet to happen).