TNA Madness: Vote in the 32 Card Stud Tournament

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 1, 2011

Last month, several writers here on Bleacher Report created their own March Madness-style tournament. All of which were based on the WWE. No, TNA.

So, I took it upon myself to create my own version of March Madness, TNA style.

Since it is no longer March, the tournament is called the 32 Card Stud Tournament.

Does the name ring a bell?

The Pope won the first and only Eight Card Stud Tournament last year at Against All Odds.

The same rules apply for this tournament as the WWE March Madness articles.

There will be four brackets, eight people in each. And you, the fans, pick the winners. Winners advance into the next round until we have a winner of the 32 Card Stud Tournament. 

Here we go.


Hulk Hogan Bracket:

(No. 1) Sting vs. (No. 8) Eric Young

(No. 4) Gunner vs. (No. 5) Rob Terry

(No. 3) Hernandez vs. (No. 6) Abyss 

(No. 2) Jeff Hardy vs. (No. 7) Magnus 


Eric Bischoff Bracket:

(No. 1) RVD vs. (No. 8) Brian Kendrick

(No. 4) James Storm vs. (No. 5) Jeff Jarrett 

(No. 3) Kazarian vs. (No. 6) Matt Hardy

(No. 2) Daniels vs. (No. 7) Amazing Red


Dixie Carter Bracket:

(No. 1) AJ Styles vs. (No. 8) Tommy Dreamer

(No. 4) Robert Roode vs. (No. 5) Samoa Joe

(No. 3) Matt Morgan vs. (No. 6) Douglas Williams

(No. 2) Bully Ray vs. (No. 7) Max Buck


Ric Flair Bracket:

(No. 1) Mr. Anderson vs. (No. 8) Jeremy Buck

(No. 4) Crimson vs. (No. 5) Jay Lethal

(No. 3) The Pope vs. (No. 6) Robbie E

(No. 2) Kurt Angle vs. (No. 7) Murphy


***Voting starts April 1, and continues until April 7 at noon. Round two will be announced on April 8.***