Smack Talk for 3/18/11 (Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio/Edge vs. Brodus Clay)

Eric KanesContributor IIIMarch 20, 2011

What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes and I welcome you to this week's edition of "Smack Talk." Now over the past few weeks, I have been trying out several different formats for my reviews. I was reviewing RAW this past Monday and I just tried to get through it quickly in a bullet point format due to a lack of time, but in my opinion, that turned out to be one of my best reviews yet. Therefore, that is the format that I will be using from now on (although I may try out one or two more). Let me know what you think.

Taped from Kansas City, Missouri, let's talk some smack.

-So Edge & Christian vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel for the tag team titles was canceled in favor of Kane & Big Show vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. I approve. Either Edge and Christian would have won and the tag team titles would be used as props in place of their usual leather belts or Edge and Christian would've lost to Slater & Gabriel, making the world champion look weak going into WrestleMania.

-I actually like Brodus Clay. He's not some sort of technical master or brilliant genius on the microphone like various portions of the IWC make him out to be, but he's above average for a guy his weight. I'm also thankful that he wears full ring gear rather than what Husky Harris wore.

-Edge vs. Brodus Clay only got about five minutes but it was pretty good for a five minute match, although all the grunts by Brodus Clay were unnecessary.

-Christian attacked Del Rio post-match and this set up a steel cage match for later on in the show. I like that they're letting us know that there is still some bad blood between Christian & Del Rio. However, Christian should not be added to the Del Rio/Edge match at Mania because it would overshadow Del Rio's Royal Rumble win. You can't get a world title match just because you dislike someone. Make it a triple threat match at Extreme Rules and have the Christian heel turn happen either there or at Over the Limit. It's OK to extend the storyline considering how anticipated it's been. Having the Christian heel turn happen at Mania would just make it seem like something out of "SmackDown vs. RAW."

-Sheamus won for the second time this week? And he's not wearing a Batman cape anymore? Welcome back, Triple H.

-This is how they need to book Sheamus every week. Have him be booked like an unstoppable monster US Champion. A lot of people consider this to be a demotion. Is it? He got pushed to the main event out of nowhere, with no credibility, popularity, or outstanding abilities and this is the result. If he had been booked like this since his debut rather than getting pushed to the main event and looking out of place right away, then maybe, just maybe he would've been ready to main event right now. Do you guys now see how his world title reigns hurt him more than they helped him in the long term?

-No more "Dashing" and no more "Smoke and Mirrors?" That's not good. The gimmick really worked for Rhodes. He'll still make it, though. He's one of the most talented mid-carders in the company.

-According to a recent interview, Randy Orton was the inspiration for most of the "Grooming Tip" promos. "The Viper" has gotten a bit stale as of late. Could this be the genesis of "Dashing" Randy Orton?

-I wonder if Orton puts on nail polish before his matches like Rhodes did in one of his promos.

-Kelly Kelly is certainly showing signs of improvement. I wonder what she'd be able to do if given a good 10 minutes.

-WWE needs to put those tag titles on Kane and Big Show. Neither one has anything better to do anyway and it's a start towards rebuilding the division. Have unlikely alliances pair up to try to topple the two giants. It's better than what they're doing now.

-As soon as The Corre attacks Kane and Big Show, Booker T says that somebody needs to CALL THE POLICE~! Wrong company, dude. I still remember that brutally abominable backstage brawl in TNA from a year or two ago when the police came.

-Take a shot every time Booker T says "What the hell?" or "CALL THE POLICE~!" You'll thank me later.

-That was an awkward landing by Big Show. The announce table was supposed to break and apparently he got a bruise on his arm. Thankfully, it's nothing severe. This is the first Big Show angle in years that can actually benefit the company in some way.

-Michael Cole is awesome. I don't know how much I can say it but they've done a tremendous job building up the Cole/Lawler feud. It's a match between two announcers which more than likely won't be very good but they've made people care more than Triple H & Undertaker have. Major props to Cole.

-Ted DiBiase vs. Rey Mysterio was decent considering the time length that it was given.

-DiBiase's stock has really dropped in the past year, huh? Remember when people were predicting that he would win the 2010 Royal Rumble and end the Undertaker's streak because he was in "The Marine 2?" That was a brutal time to be a member of the IWC.

-I actually plan on writing an article about who the anonymous general manager should turn out to be. No, it's not Diesel, The Rock, Kurt Angle, or anybody else that people are dying to see full-time in WWE. This is somebody that could realistically take on an on-screen role and benefit many members of the RAW Roster, including Ted DiBiase. No, it's not The Million Dollar Man. You'll just have to read it to find out.

-Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio in a prolonged match was something that I've been waiting to see for a long time. With the weekly promo-fests and three minute specials, this was so refreshing.

-Very nice TV match by these two although I'm shocked that Christian won. I wouldn't be surprised to see him added to the match although as I stated earlier, it shouldn't happen for obvious reasons.

-For somebody who's been with WWE for as long as he has, Booker T sure seems appalled at such little things. You'd expect that from someone like Todd Grisham but not from a former world champion. His commentator persona is just awkward. I guess he's too busy CALLING THE POLICE~! to remember anything.

-Nice ending to the show with Del Rio looking strong once again although Brodus Clay should not be with him. Del Rio was better off the way he was on his own. Getting clean wins and beating people down seemed a lot more impressive when he was by himself and had the occasional interference by Ricardo Rodriguez.

And that shall conclude this week's edition of "Smack Talk." Overall, I'd give the show 6.5/10 stars. It was a nice change of pace compared to what we normally see during Mania season since we got eight matches. Despite the fact that most of them did not even hit the three minute mark, it was better than just listenting to people talk for three hours. We also didn't have to see 50 replays from RAW which was another major improvement.

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That is all for tonight, folks. I will be right back here tomorrow with the Round 2 Henry Bracket but until then, I'm out!