Velvet Sky: Is She Ever Going to Become a TNA Women's Knockout Champion?

AmsterdamCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2011

In late 2007, TNA Knockouts Angelina Love and Velvet Sky formed a professional wrestling stable known as The Beautiful People.

Inspired by real-life socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the group is known for their narcissistic gimmick of thinking they are physically superior to all other TNA Knockouts, and their main goal is to "cleanse the ugly person at a time."

In the years since its formation, The Beautiful People has gone on to become the most successful female stables in professional wrestling history, with five TNA Women's Knockout Championship reigns and one TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship reigns under its belt.

The stable has become so prominent that even WWE took notice, and created its own version: LayCool.

Unlike LayCool, however, The Beautiful People hasn't always been made up of its two original members. Cute Kip, Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Erich, and even Angelina Love herself have all joined and left the group at one point or another.

The only permanent member has been Velvet Sky.

But while Sky has always been the core Knockout keeping the stable alive, and is arguably the most popular among all of her counterparts, she has never been the leader. That position has almost always been given to her best friend, Angelina Love.

Being the leader of the group has definitely had its perks. As leader of The Beautiful People, Love has held the Women's Knockout Championship three times, as well as the Knockout Tag Team Championship once. She also held the Knockout title two additional times while on her own.

When Love temporarily left the group in 2009, it was assumed that Velvet Sky would assume leadership. But that position instead ended up going to TBF's quieter (then) third member, Madison Rayne.

Rayne managed to fill in the gap left by Love's departure, and would go to win the Knockout Tag Team Championship once with Sky and Von Erich, as well as the Women's Knockout Championship twice herself.

When she was kicked out of the group in 2010, Rayne formed an alliance with Tara and won the title again; her third reign is still going on to this day.

But there are three things both Angelina Love and Madison Rayne have in common with each other:

1. Both have been the leader of The Beautiful People.

2. Both have held numerous titles in TNA.

3. Neither are as popular with the TNA fanbase as Velvet Sky.

Now don't take this as a biased opinion, because it isn't. If you've read one of my previous articles, you'd know that Madison Rayne is my personal favorite Knockout.

What I'm saying is more or less a fact. Velvet Sky is the most popular TNA Knockout.

She's the one you see on advertisements, promotions, interviews and merchandise. If a casual fan could think of one female wrestler who has never been with WWE, her name would probably be the first to pop into your head.

But despite all this popularity, and being the de-facto face of the Knockouts Division, Sky has never held the Women's Knockout Championship.

Why she hasn't, I have no idea. Maybe TNA's creative team has never gotten around to putting the strap on her. Maybe they feel that she isn't ready to hold the main women's title yet. Or maybe Sky herself doesn't want to hold it.

Whatever the reason may be, she's never been the champion. She has always been the champion's sidekick. The other member of the group. Always a main part of the stable, but never successful on her own.

So that brings me to the question asked in this article's title: Is Velvet Sky ever going to be a TNA Knockouts Champion?

In my opinion, the answer is yes.

In recent months, there has been a growing rift within The Beautiful People. The arrival of Winter has torn Angelina Love to choose between her new tag team partner and her long-time best friend.

As the weeks have gone by, Velvet Sky has been slowly alienated by Love, to the point that the latter seems to be uncomfortable and annoyed by her presence.

It also dosen't help that Sky inadvertently cost Love and Winter the Knockout Tag Team Championship at Victory Road either.

So I see this storyline going two ways: Either Angelina Love is going to get rid of Winter, and things will go back to the way they once were...or TBP is going to end once and for all, and Velvet Sky is going to be forced to fend for herself.

Personally, I'm hoping for the latter.

It has become obvious that as long as TBP exists, Sky is always going to be held down.

If the stable were to end, then we may finally be able to see Velvet Sky become a successful singles competitor. She may even end up being the one to take the title away from the self-proclaimed "Queen of TNA," Madison Rayne, in an open challenge.

TNA may very well be headed in this direction with Sky, so we'll have to see how the storyline with Winter plays out.

Regardless, I feel like Velvet Sky should have at least one singles run during her career in TNA before she retires.

She has the popularity, she has the work ethic, she definitely has the looks. And she has proven that she can hold her own in the ring. Why not put the strap on her?

The decision will come down to management, and with the way her current storyline is playing out, they may have already made it. 

Velvet Sky deserves to hold the TNA Knockouts Championship, and 2011 is the perfect year to make that happen.