Bully Ray: Established Main Eventer? What's Next for Bully Ray?

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 19, 2011

If you watched iMPACT on Thursday, you will know what I'm talking about. 

The night started with Sting coming out. He cut a promo and revealed a new TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt (the belt was pretty cool).

Does this mean Jeff Hardy won't be main eventing anymore? I hope so.

Anyways, Hogan and Bischoff come out and they join Sting in bashing former Immortal member, Jeff Hardy. Is Jeff out of Immortal? Most likely. Is Jeff out of TNA? Probably not, but it's possible.

Hogan says his phone been "ringing off the hook." Sting questions the comment made by the Hulkster and then we see Bully Ray come into the picture. He has been the one making Hogan's phone ring off the hook and Bully Ray requests a spot in Immortal and a title shot.

Bischoff agrees to both but before announcing the title match, enter Fortune. 

AJ Styles keeps trashing Ray, saying he can't make it as a singles wrestler and even slaps him. Soon RVD and Anderson come out, wanting their match after what happened at Victory Road. We have a four-way match as the main event.

AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam.

This match was good. There was a lot of back-and-forth action among the four guys in the ring. At one point, Bully Ray was dominating all three men at once. He looked really good in the ring. He proved that he can hang with guys like AJ, Anderson and RVD.

The end of the match had RVD and Anderson down in the ring and Bully Ray beating on AJ outside the ring. All of a sudden, the bell rings. Match over. Anderson and RVD were in what seemed to be a double pin.

Bully Ray didn't take too kindly to the call. JB went to ask Hebner about the call. Hebner stuck his head through the ropes to inform JB, but was on the receiving end of a knockout punch by Bully Ray. 

Then Bully Ray kicked JB in the head and gave him a concussion, which wasn't a planned spot. Oops? Or just Bully Ray living up to his character?

Another bad ending or TNA will say it's "controversial," but it's okay. Hopefully we can see a four-way at Lockdown among Sting, RVD, Anderson and Bully Ray. 

AJ and Bully Ray would continue to fight up the entrance ramp, AJ beating on Bully the whole time. Ric Flair came from behind and hit AJ with a low blow, allowing Bully Ray to grab AJ and powerbomb him off the stage and through a table!

Can Bully Ray be the new face of Immortal? Since Jeff is gone (out of Immortal) and Immortal put Ray in this match, it looks like Bully Ray is indeed the face of Immortal.

So is Bully Ray now a permanent main eventer? He proved he can hang with guys like AJ, Anderson and RVD and is the newest member of Immortal.

I would like to see Bully Ray stay in the main event scene. He is a fresh, new, dominant heel in the main event. Can Bully Ray win the big one? He is doing better than former Team 3D partner Devon and proving he won't be the Marty Jannetty of Team 3D.

Bully Ray was recently praised by former WWE superstar Chris Jericho. Here is what he said:

"My brother Bully Ray cut a great promo tonight. He gets it and is the best heel in TNA by far."

Whatever is next for Bully Ray, I can't wait. Originally, I didn't want him around anymore and was wishing for his retirement. Now, I love his character and am glad to see him main eventing. I hope it continues. Bully Ray has really grown on me. Things are looking up for Bully Ray.