WWE's the Rock, John Cena and the Miz: Passing the Torch for Superstardom

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIMarch 17, 2011

I know what you're thinking, "Isn't this really obvious by now?" and I'll say "Yes it is" because it is. The WWE has shown interest in making the Miz the next top dog of the company right beside John Cena, but before Cena was the top dog in the company, the top dog was none other than "The Rock." Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson used to be the popular one in the WWE alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, but eventually, the Rock decided to pursue other interests. He left the WWE and didn't look back.

After Rock and Stone Cold's departures, the WWE clearly started running out of "mega" stars who could help bring in a worldwide audience so they decided to push two deserving wrestlers by the names of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. We all know what happened there, and it was unfortunate luck for the WWE so they had to act quickly. Thankfully, along with the push of Guerrero and Benoit came the slow rise of two new stars in John Cena and Batista.

With the two different wrestlers being on two different brands, Cena and Batista's push didn't coincide with one another. They had feuds with two of the top heels at the time, Triple H and JBL as both men were starting to evolve from their roots. One a rapper and one a bodyguard enforcer of a stable, both men broke out on their own after they finished their epic feuds with JBL and Triple H respectively. They became champions and ended up reaching superstardom.

Currently, Batista is gone while Cena is still the top player of the WWE, and it has been like that for a while now, that is, until a star by the name of the Miz came. After winning Money in the Bank, the Miz cashed in his MitB contract to become WWE Champion while proving his haters wrong at the same time. He is now the WWE Champion and has become more respected as of late. As champion, he has to defend his title against all challengers even if his current contender is none other than John Cena.

The Miz vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 27, the Grandest Stage of Them All! Sounds great doesn't it? Well, before the week of February 14, although the match wasn't official, with the help of dirt sheets, most people already knew that this match was most likely to happen yet it didn't spark any interest into the pay-per-view of WM 27. That is until a certain man returned. His name was THE ROCK.

On February 14, the Rock came back to Monday Night RAW, and I was one of the lucky few to witness his epic return LIVE!!!! Anyways, that's beside the point, but during that episode, the Rock made a promo to the world in which he addressed a man known only as John Cena. This brought much speculation into what was going to happen at WM 27. Was the People's Champ coming back for one last match against the Champ?

It seemed unlikely especially after the Rock was announced as the host of Wrestlemania 27 only. Well, like everyone else who sees the WWE, John Cena who also heard those remarks came up with a promo of his own by bringing back the Doctor of Thuganomics, the gimmick that got him famous. This started a war of words between the Rock and John Cena.

While Cena and the Rock had a war of words, Cena also became contender for the WWE championship, but thanks to being involved with the Rock, the Miz became a forgotten man. Not to be overshadowed, the Miz made a rebuttal of his own. He thrashed both the Rock and John Cena, two of the top known stars in the wrestling world today.

The Miz has made it obvious that he wants to be the top dog of the company. He doesn't want to be an afterthought but the only thought. The Miz wants to truly become "AWESOME," but with two more popular stars in front of him, the only way he can do so is to take the men down one by one. To truly became one of the "Greats," the Miz has to stand out from the Rock and John Cena. He needs to make a persona of his own. With the Rock and John Cena involved with him, this can almost certainly happen.

As the Rock officially hands over the keys to John Cena, he is also helping create an opening for the Miz to officially come in and become one of the "Elite." The Rock knows that his time is close to over, John Cena knows that his time is eventually going to come to an end, but the Miz knows that he still has enough time to really make a name for himself. If he wants to become "Awesome" he has to take the torch and run with it, not let it die, keeping it ablaze until the next "contender" arrives.  

This passing of the torch can help generate a whole new generation of wrestlers. It can help make the younger guys "stars." From the Rock to John Cena to the Miz, these men can define "superstardom."

This passing of the torch that is most likely happening can help make superstardom "Awesome."